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  1. Systematic review

    Tapering from buprenorphine or methadone for pregnant women in opioid maintenance treatment (OMT)

    We have summarised the evidence on effects for mother and child of tapering compared with continued maintenance treatment during pregnancy. 

  2. Systematic review

    Alternative opioid agonists in the treatment of opioid dependence: a systematic review

    In this review, we have looked at treatment with slow release oral morphine and levomethadone. These treatments are compared to the three medications used in Norway.

  3. Systematic review

    Effectiveness of tapering from methadone or buprenorphine maintenance treatment compared to traditional maintenance treatment for people with opiate addiction: systematic review

    Helsedirektoratet bestilte en systematisk oversikt om effekten av nedtrapping (tapering) av metadon eller buprenorfin sammenlignet med LAR uten nedtrapping for pasienter med opioidavhengighet.

  4. Research overview

    The effects of concurrent prescription of benzodiazepines for people undergoing opioid maintenance treatment

    This systematic review summarised the effects of concurrent prescription of benzodiazepines among people who receive opioid maintenance treatment.

  5. Research overview

    Unsupervised intake of medicines for individuals in opioid maintenance

    This systematic review compares effect of unobserved with observed administration of opioid agonist drug for people receiving opioid maintenance treatment.

  6. Research overview

    Use of biological samples in rehabilitation of persons receiving opioid maintenance treatment:

    This systematic review summarises the effects of using biological samples in the rehabilitation of persons that receives opioid maintenance treatment.

  7. Research overview

    Research on the effect of substance use interventions for youth with drug use disorders, or co-occurring drug use disorder and mental problem/ mental illness

    A librarian carried out the literature search in 13 social and medical scientific databases from 2000 to September 2016.

  8. Statistics

    Drug Situation in Norway 2010

    Annual report to EMCDDA

  9. Statistics

    Drug Situation in Norway 2014

    The report provides information about new research in the field, together with important changes within politics, prevention, treatment and injury reduction, as well as narcotic-related crime.

  10. Statistics

    Drug Situation in Norway 2011

    Annual report sent to EMCDDA

  11. Research overview

    Improved access to specialised addiction treatment for children and young adults

    A systematic reference list.

  12. Report

    E-cigarette use is not risk-free

    E-cigarettes are not without health risks for people who vape or for bystanders. This is one of the conclusions from a new risk assessment report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

  13. Research overview

    Relationships between intake of alcoholic beverages and the risk of cardiovascular disease

    This review will enter the knowledge base intended to inform about the pros and cons of consuming alcoholic beverages (spirits, wine, beer) related to the risk of CVD.

  14. Health technology assessment

    Benzodiazepine treatment for drug-dependent subjects

  15. Report

    A brief summary and evaluation of the evidence base for Narconon as drug prevention intervention

    A summary and evaluation of the evidence base for Narconon as drug prevention intervention.

  16. Research overview

    Motivational interviewing for substance abuse

  17. Research overview

    Heroin maintenance for persons with chronic heroin dependence

    Are there differences in effect between heroin assisted maintenance (diacetylmorphine) versus the traditional substitution maintenance treatment?

  18. Research overview

    Cost-effectiveness of varenicline, bupropion and nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation

    We were commissioned to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of drugs for smoking cessation in a Norwegian setting.

  19. Research overview

    Coercive treatment of persons dependent on opioids

    What are the effects of coercive treatment of persons dependent on opioids?

  20. Research overview

    Effects of opioid agonist treatment for pregnant opioid dependent women