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  1. Report

    Commonwealth Fund survey of persons aged 55 years or more: Results from Norway and ten other countries

    Norway is participating in the Commonwealth Funds annual international survey of health systems.The target group for questions in 2014 was adults aged 55 years or more.

  2. PasOpp-rapport

    National survey to assess GP's views of district psychiatric services

  3. PasOpp-rapport

    Development of a method to measure experiences of pregnancy-, birth- and postnatal care

  4. PasOpp-rapport

    Survey of parents to children receiving care at district psychiatric services for children and young people. National results

    Rapporten viser resultatene av en spørreundersøkelse blant foresatte til barn og ungdom som mottar et tilbud fra barne- og ungdomspsykiatriske poliklinikker i Norge.

  5. PasOpp-rapport

    Survey among user of inpatient psychiatric clinics for adults. Results

  6. PasOpp-rapport

    Development of a method for measuring patient experiences in rehabilitation institutions

  7. PasOpp-rapport

    Cancer patients’ experiences with somatic hospitals in 2009. Results for each institution

  8. PasOpp-rapport

    Patient experiences during hospitalisation in somatic hospitals - Results from a national survey in 2006

  9. PasOpp-rapport

    Cancer patients’ experiences with somatic hospitals in 2009. National results

  10. PasOpp-rapport

    Inpatients’ experiences with Norwegian hospitals: National results in 2013

    RApporten viser resultatene av en nasjonal spørreu

  11. PasOpp-rapport

    Patient experiences with mental health outpatient clinics for adults. National results in 2007 and development from 2004.

  12. PasOpp-rapport

    Inpatients’ experience with specialist mental health care. Results from a large scale survey in 2014

  13. Report

    Usage of Antivirals and the Occurrence of Antiviral Resistance in Norway 2016

    The annual report from Resistance against Antivirals in Norway (RAVN) presents national surveillance data on antiviral resistance and focuses on topics related to treatment of viral infections.

  14. Report

    10 Tips for you the patient, in 10 languages

    Prosjektdokumentasjon på arbeidet med pasientbrosjyre på 10 språk. Selve brosjyren finnes i venstremenyen.

  15. Research overview

    Motivational Interviewing as a method to facilitate return to work: a systematic review

    The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) commissioned this systematic review to study the effect of Motivetional Interview

  16. Research overview

    Digital Breast Tomosynthesis with Hologic 3D mammograhy Selenia Dimensions System for use in breast cancer screening

    We were to perform a single technology assessment (STA) regarding “Three dimensional digital breast tomosynthesis in screening for breast cancer”.

  17. Research overview

    What are the consequences of shared physical custody for children? A systematic review

    We were asked to summarize studies that could say something about the consequences (effect) of shared custody for children.

  18. Research overview

    Prehospital emergency thoracotomy in traumatic cardiac arrest: systematic literature search with sorting

    We were commissioned to make a systematic literature search followed by sorting of relevant research on "Prehospital emergency thoracotomy in traumatic cardiac arrest".

  19. Research overview

    Effect of physical activity without use of antipsychotics compared to physical activity and antipsychotics for patients with active psychosis: a systematic review

    We were to summarize research on the effect of physical activity without the use of antipsychotics for persons with active psychosis compared to physical activity and the use of antipsychotics.

  20. Research overview

    Psychosocial treatment with or without antipsychotics for patients with active psychosis, a systematic review

    Our objective was to identify and review studies on psychosocial treatment without use of antipsychotics compared to the same treatment with use of antipsychotics for patients with active psychosis.