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  1. Report

    What to expect of the 2017/18 influenza season in Norway

    This report presents the assessment by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) on the influenza situation early in the 2017/2018 season.

  2. Brochure

    Working together to reduce health inequalities

    Fifteen examples of health projects in ten European countries, financed by EEA Grants, and with Norwegian project partners.

  3. Research overview

    Unskilled personnnel, skill mix, quality of care and patient safety in the healthcare services: a mapping review

    This mapping review is a follow-up of a systematic review that did not identify any studies eligible for inclusion. Therefore the inclusion criteria is extended with studies of weaker study design.

  4. Report

    Volume Calculation of a Subset of Non-surgical Examinations and Procedures in the Norwegian Hospital Service

    Vi har identifisert koder og utført beregning av volum for utførte undersøkelser og prosedyrer innen spesialisthelsetjenesten på oppdrag fra Helsedirektoratet.

  5. Research overview

    Long term institutional or residential treatment of patients with substance abuse compared to short-term outpatient treatment (updated literature search)

    A systematic literature search to identify new studies published after 2009.

  6. Report

    Commonwealth Fund survey in 2009 among primary care physicians: results from a comparative survey in 11 countries

    This report highlights the Norwegian results of the Commonwealth Fund’s International health systems survey 2009.

  7. Research overview

    The effectiveness of treatment for anxiety and/or depression in children – Systematic reference list

    Documentation about the effectiveness of treatment for anxiety and/or depression in children.

  8. Report

    Women's and partners' experiences of pregnancy-, birth- and postnatal care. Results from a pilot study

    The purpose of the pilot study was to test two questionnaires, one focusing on women's experiences, the other addressing partners' experiences, as well as testing methods of data collection.

  9. Report

    The 2011 Commonwealth Fund survey among sicker adults: Results from a comparative survey in 11 countries

    This is the 3rd time Norway participate in Commonwealth Fund’s International Health Policy survey. Here we present the Norwegian results and compare them to the other countries or group of countries.

  10. Report

    Which aspects of treatment are perceived as crucial for the patients?

    We present the results from qualitative interviews with patients receiving inpatient substance dependence treatment.

  11. Report

    Everyday descriptions of Norwegian hospitals. Results following a national survey of nurses in 2009

    Personnel is the most important input factor in the hospitals, and forecasts suggest that there will be a challenge to balance supply and demand in the years to come.

  12. Report

    Users’ experiences with coordinated health services – a review of relevant measurement instruments

    The purpose of this literature search has been to find relevant and validated instruments about coordinated health services.

  13. Report

    Interlaboratory Comparison on POPs in Food 2017

    The 18th round of the interlaboratory comparison study on the determination of PCDDs/PCDFs, PCBs and brominated flame retardants in three food items were conducted in spring of 2017.

  14. Report

    Mapping of studies on prioritising between specialities in hospitals

    Riktigere prioritering i spesia­list­helsetjenesten ville vite om det fantes studier som kunne belyse ef­fek­ten av ulike kriterier for prio­ri­tering mel­lom faggrupper/spesialiteter.

  15. Report

    Ethical challenges with welfare technology

    This report summarizes the moral and ethical challenges with welfare technology in today’s health services.

  16. Report

    Research on care and nursing in Norway

    A systematic search with subsequent sorting of literature on research on care and nursing in Norway.

  17. Research overview

    Expected impact of introducing screening for colorectal cancer in Norway

    How large a reduction in mortality due to colorectal cancer would be if a screening programme was implemented in Norway is not clear.

  18. Report

    Results from clinical effectiveness evaluations of screening for colorectal cancer: rapid review

    A review of what we today know about the effectiveness of two screening methods: faecal occult blood test and flexible sigmoidoscopy.

  19. Report

    Orthodontic treatment without surgery in children and adolescents: overview of systematic reviews

    This report includes systematic reviews on the effect of orthodontic treatment without surgery on deep bite, excess space and crowding.

  20. Report

    Effects of psychomotorical therapy and treatment in a hot climate on sickness absence and employability in people with fibromyalgia