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  1. Brochure

    About HIV infection

    This brochure gives information about HIV, disease progress and treatment.

  2. News

    Norway to host global epidemic preparedness organisation, CEPI

    The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) will host the new global Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).

  3. Information note

    You will be cured of tuberculosis (short version)

    This information note gives simple and concise information about tuberculosis.

  4. Information note

    Information note about tuberculosis testing

    Information in several languages for people who will be routinely checked for tuberculosis upon arrival in Norway.

  5. Information note

    Information note: "If you have a positive IGRA test" in 22 languages

    Each information note explains what it means to test positive, if it is dangerous or not, if the patient is infectious and what to be aware of.

  6. Research findings

    HIV co-infection does not cause multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

    New research shows that HIV co-infection does not specifically drive the development and transmission of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, as previously suspected.

  7. Brochure

    Meningococcal disease

    This brochure gives information about meningococcal disease, with practical advice about what to do if a child or young person falls ill with fever.

  8. Brochure

    Vaccination of children against tuberculosis - BCG vaccine

    This brochure gives information about vaccination against tuberculosis and is intended for parents who come from countries with a high incidence of the disease.

  9. Brochure

    Facts about hepatitis A, B and C (brochure)

    Facts about hepatitis A, B and C is available in 19 languages.

  10. News

    Norwegian-led Ebola vaccine study shows promising results in Guinea

    The study, testing the effectiveness of a new vaccine against Ebola, has shown encouraging outcomes according to interim analyses published today in The Lancet.

  11. Information note


    It is important to treat tuberculosis. This treatment is free of charge in Norway. The information letter about tuberculosis is currently available in 15 different languages.