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  • Use of MoBa in meta-analyses


Use of MoBa in meta-analyses

On this page you will find information about use of data from the Norwegian Mother, Father and Child Cohort study (MoBa) in meta-analyses where MoBa is one of several data contributors.

On this page you will find information about use of data from the Norwegian Mother, Father and Child Cohort study (MoBa) in meta-analyses where MoBa is one of several data contributors.

Researchers in ongoing MoBa projects intending to participate with project data in meta-analysis co-ordinated by research institutions both nationally and internationally must inform the MoBa administration prior to attending. 

Below you will find the conditions for use of MoBa data in meta-analysis, as well as guidelines on how to contact the MoBa-administration.

Conditions for use of MoBa data in meta-analysis

  • The research purpose for the meta-analysis must fall within the scientific scope of MoBa and be consistent with the participants' given consent and obtained approvals for the research project.
  • The principal investigator (PI) of the MoBa project where the meta-analysis is intended to be performed must approve of the meta-analysis and approve of sharing aggregated data.
  • The PI must also confirm that the meta-analysis study is consistent with the scope and objectives of the background project and is responsible for ensuring that the use of MoBa data is covered by the existing regulatory approvals.
  • Individual-level MoBa data may not be uploaded into a repository or database at any time.
  • Aggregated MoBa data may be uploaded to a database for the purpose of the analysis and the results from the meta-analysis may be shared on the consortium website.
  • MoBa must be acknowledged in articles and the MoBa reference article should be cited. See MoBa's Guidelines for papers for more information.
  • The PI shall inform the consortium that MoBa must be acknowledged if the results are used in secondary analyses.
  • A pdf of the published article must be sent to .

Summary data from genome wide association studies (GWAS) in MoBa may be made available on the following website: MoBa GWAS summary data.

Send information to the MoBa-administration

The PI must submit brief information about the meta-analysis and which MoBa project it applies to, as well as a confirmation that conditions are followed. Copy both tables below, fill them in and send them in an email to .

Name of the PI in the MoBa project


MoBa project number (PDB-no.)


Name of consortium co-ordinating the meta-analysis


A link to the consortium website


A short description of the theme for the meta-analysis (in Norwegian). This will be published on our websites.


I confirm that:


the planned use of data is approved by the responsible institution.


the planned use of data is within the scope and objective of the existing MoBa project.


the planned use of data use is covered by existing regulatory approvals (e.g. Norwegian REK) and complies with GDPR.


no MoBa data on an individual level will be uploaded into any repositories for storage and sharing.


the consortium is informed of MoBa's requirements for crediting when using MoBa data in secondary analyses and that a PFD of articles with secondary analyzes should be sent to .

Information at our website

The MoBa-administration will put information about the participation in the meta-analysis and about the consortium on the MoBa website to ensure that participants and other MoBa researchers are informed.

The website will contain information about the following:

  • Name of the consortium, including a link to the consortium website
  • Theme for the meta-analysis
  • MoBa project and contact person

More information regarding MoBa projects contributing to aggregated data in meta-analysis can be found at the link below (In Norwegian): https://www.fhi.no/studier/moba/forskere/moba-data-i-metaanalyser/

Journals requesting access to the research file

This standard text may be used for journals requesting access to the research file:

“The consent given by the MoBa participants does not allow for the storage of individual level data in any repositories or journals. Researchers who request access to MoBa data sets should submit an application through www.helsedata.no. Access to data sets requires approval from The Regional Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics in Norway and a formal agreement with MoBa.”




questionnaire data, genetic data, data collected or other analysis results from biological material

Individual level data

Information about/on a single participant in MoBa

Aggregated data

combined individual level data


statistical procedure for combining data from multiple studies


two or more research groups combining data from different sources to provide more power to investigate common research questions

Primary meta analysis

analysis meta analysing data on a cohort level

Secondary meta analysis

analysis being performed on data generated in the primary meta analysis