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About the members

Read more about the members of the MoBa Scientific Advisory Board

Read more about the members of the MoBa Scientific Advisory Board

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Ragnhild Eek Brandlistuen

Dr. Ragnhild Eek Brandlistuen is a senior researcher in child development and epidemiology at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and since 2021 the scientific director of MoBa. She has extensive experience with longitudinal studies on child development using MoBa data and she was head of the MoBaYoung data collection. Her research focuses on understanding the impact of early risk and protective factors both prenatally and during the formative childhood and adolescent years for neurodevelopment, cognition, and mental health. Her research profile is interdisciplinary with collaborations spanning pharmacoepidemiology to early education research. She is actively involved in several ongoing MoBa-projects such as the Language and Learning Study (SOL), Early educational experiences as a foundation for development and academic success (MoBaEarlyEd) and Covid-19 and impact on mental health (C-Me).

Anne Lise Brantsæter

Dr. Anne Lise Brantsæter is a senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and has extensive research experience within MoBa and other population studies. Her research areas include nutritional and toxicological epidemiology, exposure characterization and risk assessment. She has a special interest in how diet, and substances contributed by diet, can affect child development and long-term health of mothers and children.

Jennifer R. Harris

Dr. Jennifer R. Harris is a director for research in the Centre for Fertility and Health at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) in Oslo, Norway. She has interdisciplinary training in life-span development and genetics. Examples of her current research includes a large Nordic twin collaboration on cancer cross-cancer associations, a twin study investigating social factors and health, and a study using the mother-father-trio design to investigate relationships between female fecundity, telomere length, epigenetic age and immune statues. She also has extensive experience in international projects on the harmonization of large-scale biobanks in epidemiology. Through capacity building activities and projects such as Biobank Norway, she has helped develop the scientific vision and infrastructure for MoBa data.

Siri Håberg

Dr. Siri Håberg (MD PhD) is the Director of the Center for Fertility and Health, a Centre of Excellence at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. She has extensive experience with combining data from national registries, cohort studies, and biobanks. Her research focuses on perinatal epidemiology, and she has a special interest in how prenatal exposures can influence child health.

Pétur B. Juliusson

Dr. Pétur Benedikt Júlíusson is the head of the Department of Health Registry Research and Development, National Institute of Public Health (NIPH), Bergen, Norway; professor at the Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen (UiB) and senior consultant at the Department of Paediatrics, Haukeland University Hospital (HUH), Bergen, Norway.

Júlíusson's background is in pediatric endocrinology with a focus on childhood growth, pubertal development and overweight and obesity during childhood.

Ellen Christine Røyrvik

Dr. Ellen Røyrvik is a researcher in the Department of Genetics and Bioinformatics at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, as of 2022. She is currently involved in a genetic study of MoBa participants and Covid-19 vaccine side effects, and her purview predominantly encompasses research on, and improving accessibility to, the MoBa cohort. Her research focuses on human genetics, from descriptive population genomics to elucidating the genetics of disease phenotypes, and how one can inform the other.

Helga Ask

Dr. Helga Ask is a senior researcher in the Department of Mental Disorders at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH). Her research efforts mainly focus on genetic and environmental influences in the development of mental health problems in children and adolescents. From 2023 she will be co-PI of the Center for genetic epidemiology and mental health (PsychGen) at NIPH. One main goal of the PsychGen center is to collaborate with MoBa to develop tools for preparing and using genetic, questionnaire and registry data in MoBa. Ask is leading large projects using MoBa data to investigate how the Covid-19 pandemic influenced population mental health (C-Me) and the role of infection and immunity in the development of ADHD.

Børge Sivertsen

Dr. Børge Sivertsen, PhD, is a senior researcher at the Department of Health Promotion, NIPH. He is also professor II in clinical psychology at NTNU and an accredited specialist in sleep medicine. His research interest includes sleep and mental health across the life span, using both epidemiological research designs and RCTs.

Bo Terning Hansen

Dr. Bo Terning Hansen is a researcher in the Department of Infection Control and Vaccine at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. He has extensive experience with surveys and registry-based research, with focus on epidemiology and prevention of infectious disease and cancer.

Anita Haugan

Division of Health Data and Digitalisation, Department of Biobank, Oslo