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  1. Research overview

    Do incentives and enablers improve adherence to tuberculosis treatment?

    This Cochrane Review shows that giving people material incentives and enablers, may have little or no effect on the number of people that are cured or complete tuberculosis treatment.

  2. Information note

    Information note about tuberculosis testing

    Information in several languages for people who will be routinely checked for tuberculosis upon arrival in Norway.

  3. Statistics

    Drug Situation in Norway 2014

    The report provides information about new research in the field, together with important changes within politics, prevention, treatment and injury reduction, as well as narcotic-related crime.

  4. Report

    National Register for Adverse Effects from Cosmetic Products: status report

    From 2008 to 2014, the National Register for Adverse Effects from Cosmetic Products received 442 notifications, of which 82 per cent were submitted by pharmacists.

  5. Report

    Usage of Antivirals and the Occurrence of Antiviral Resistance in Norway 2013-2014

    This is the second report from Resistance against Antivirals in Norway (RAVN) about the usage of antiviral medicines and surveillance data for viral resistance for the biannual period 2013–2014.

  6. Report

    Interlaboratory Comparison on POPs in Food 2015

    The 16th round of the interlaboratory comparison study on the determination of PCDDs/PCDFs, PCBs and brominated flame retardants in three food items was conducted in spring 2015.

  7. Report

    Clinical Decision Making System for Long-term Treatment in Bipolar Disorder

    This report summarises 20 crucial challenges concerning shared decision-making and follow-up of treatment, relevant to health conditions in general. How does the system address each of the challenges?

  8. Research overview

    Effects of interventions in residential areas and neighbourhoods to promote social contact, social networks and social support

    It is uncertain whether, and to what extent, interventions in residential areas and neighbourhoods contribute to increased social contact, social networks and social support.

  9. Research overview

    First aid training may improve first aid skills

    Evidence from five systematic reviews about first aid training for lay people shows that first aid training may have a positive effect on first aid skills.

  10. Report

    Cancer patient pathways: Baseline measurement based on surveys among the population, patients and general practitioners

  11. Research overview

    The effect of interventions for at-risk families with children 0-6 years

    This report is an overview of systematic reviews that have examined the effects of interventions for at-risk families with children aged 0-6 years.

  12. Report

    Commonwealth Fund survey among general practitioners in ten countries: Norwegian results in 2015 and changes over time

    General practitioners have more positive perceptions of the health care system and a higher job satisfaction than the average of the nine other countries that participated in the survey.

  13. Research overview

    Effects of dental and oral examination in children aged 0-5 years

    This report is about effects of a first dental and oral examination in children 0-2 years compared to a first dental and oral examination in children 3-5 years regarding prevention of dental caries.

  14. Report

    The effect of same-day-access to primary care

    Summarized research on the effect same day scheduling has on wait time, number of list patients, number of appointments made, patient satisfaction.

  15. Research overview

    Effect of parent education on ways to prevent dental caries in pre-school children

    This report examines the effect of educating and counselling parents with pre-school children on ways to prevent dental caries.

  16. Health technology assessment

    Autologous hematopoietic stemcell transplantation for Multiple Sclerosis

    The assessment summarize and evaluate research of efficacy, safety, economic evaluations and ethical considerations related to autologous stem cell transplantation for multiple sclerosis.

  17. Health technology assessment

    A health technology assessment of the new drugs for inoperable or metastatic malignant melanoma patients

    This health technology assessment compares the relative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of seven new drugs used for the treatment of advanced malignant melanoma patients in the Norwegian setting.

  18. Report

    Documentation to inform guideline for mother and child health centres

    Assessment of available systematic reviews relevant for guidelines for mother and child health centres.

  19. Research overview

    Screening tools for cognitive function and driving

    In this report, we have provided an overview of existing cognitive screening tests for assessing functions of relevance for ability to drive a car, and how good the tests are.

  20. Report

    Closed loop medication

    Commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate of Health. A systematic search for studies evaluating the effect of closed loop medication in hospital or institution.