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  • Global health


Global health

Working together to address global health challenges

Through our work in Global Health, we contribute knowledge and expertise to solve public health challenges together with partners in neighboring countries, low and middle income countries and the wider global health community. Our overarching goals are aligned with the WHO’s work programme for 2019−2023.

Our research strategy for 2022-2027 may be downloaded here:

Our work involves research, summarising evidence, sharing knowledge and engaging in technical collaboration, and coordinating cooperation under the Europe Economic Agreement (EEA). We engage in global level activities, networks and build long term bilateral cooperation with sister institutions on  topics such as:

  • Epidemic preparedness and infectious disease control including One health, diagnostics and vaccines
  • Digital health solutions and health registries
  • Environmental hazards and climate change
  • Methodology for estimating burden of disease 
  • Systematic reviews of research and health technology assessments 
  • Drug statistics methodology and access to medicines
  • Non-communicable diseases including mental health
  • Institutionalising public health functions and organisational development

Through our global collaborative efforts, we aim to contribute to achieving the targets set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. 

We cooperate with national and international partners and health authorities and work closely with, and receive funding from the Norwegian agency for development cooperation (NORAD). We also receive funding from competitive research grants from national and international sources. 



Switchboard: +47 21 07 70 00


Njål Høstmælingen

Mobiltelefon: +47 91 16 25 66

Visiting address

Sandakerveien 24 C

0473 Oslo

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Postal address

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, PO Box 222 Skøyen

N-0213 Oslo

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Photo of Njål Høstmælingen

Njål Høstmælingen

Department Director

M: +47 911 62 566

Photo of Bente Faugli

Bente Faugli

Senior Adviser

Photo of Frode Forland

Frode Forland

"Specialist director," Associate professor UiT

M: +47 986 34 044

Photo of Ingvild Fjeldheim

Ingvild Fjeldheim

Senior Consultant Physician

M: +47

Photo of Katrine Bjørnebek Frønsdal

Katrine Bjørnebek Frønsdal

Senior researcher

M: +47 992 54 920

Photo of Knut Nyfløt

Knut Nyfløt

Director for global health

M: +47 924 63 200

Photo of Linda Martinsen

Linda Martinsen

Senior Adviser

M: +47 934 67 972

Photo of Per Everhard Schwarze

Per Everhard Schwarze


M: +47 908 14 229

Photo of Ragnhild Dybdahl

Ragnhild Dybdahl

Senior Adviser/Programme director

M: +47 414 70 508

Photo of Susan Kyomuhendo Munabi-Babigumira

Susan Kyomuhendo Munabi-Babigumira


M: +47 464 00 471

Photo of Ane-Marthe Solheim Skar

Ane-Marthe Solheim Skar

Department Director

M: +47

Photo of Elizabeth Fleur Peacocke

Elizabeth Fleur Peacocke

Senior Adviser

Tlf: +47

Photo of Lieke Fleur Heupink

Lieke Fleur Heupink


Photo of Mahima Venkateswaran

Mahima Venkateswaran

Post Doctoral Fellow

M: +47

Photo of Marit Johansen

Marit Johansen

Information Specialist

Tlf: +47

M: +47 472 76 764

Photo of Steve Diaz French

Steve Diaz French

Senior Adviser

Photo of Unni Gopinathan

Unni Gopinathan

Senior scientist

M: +47 482 94 074

Photo of Akuba Kwansima Dolphyne-Haugen

Akuba Kwansima Dolphyne-Haugen

Senior Implementation Advisor

M: +47 939 69 904

Photo of Ann Louise Lie

Ann Louise Lie

Senior Adviser

Photo of Anne Marie Sverdrup Müller

Anne Marie Sverdrup Müller

Senior advisor (retired)

Photo of Benedikte Louise Alveberg

Benedikte Louise Alveberg

Senior Adviser

M: +47 947 87 207

Photo of Elena Torgersen

Elena Torgersen

Senior Adviser

Photo of Eleni Zoumpoulia Papadopoulou

Eleni Zoumpoulia Papadopoulou


M: +47

Photo of Elina Dale

Elina Dale

Senior Adviser/Health Economics

Photo of Kjersti Andersen Nerhus

Kjersti Andersen Nerhus

Senior Adviser

Photo of Kjersti Mørkrid Blom-Bakke

Kjersti Mørkrid Blom-Bakke


M: +47 995 46 157

Photo of Liv Merete Brynildsen Reinar

Liv Merete Brynildsen Reinar

M: +47 928 32 282

Photo of Marit Hasle

Marit Hasle

Photo of Solfrid Johansen

Solfrid Johansen

Senior advisor

M: +47 970 41 068

Photo of Sonja Lynn Myhre

Sonja Lynn Myhre

Senior advisor

M: +47 954 11 545