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  1. Article

    What is migration health?

    Migration health encompasses a field within academia, research, education, policy and clinical practices that focuses on the relationship between migration and health.

  2. Report

    Drug Consumption in Norway 2013–2017

    The figures are based on sales from all drug wholesalers in Norway and include sales of over the counter medicines available in non-pharmacy outlets.

  3. News

    40 per cent increase in drug costs over four years

    New and more expensive drugs contributed significantly to the 40 per cent rise in total drug costs from 2013 to 2017. The growth has been higher than in previous years, according to a new report.

  4. Article

    One Health roundtable in Ghana

    A One Health round table was held in Accra in February on preventing and controlling zoonotic diseases, with technical experts from the Ghanaian veterinary, health, wildlife and forestry services.

  5. Systematic review

    Effect of health equity tools for immigrants: a systematic review

    A systematic review was commissioned to examine whether system-level healthcare interventions, specifically health equity tools, can improve health equity for immigrants.

  6. Research overview

    Coerced medication in mental health care – a systematic mapping review

    We performed a systematic mapping review where we searched for systematic reviews and primary studies of coerced medication for adult patients.

  7. Health technology assessment

    177Lutetium-based peptide receptor radionuclide therapy for treating neuroendocrine tumours: a health technology assessment

    The Commission Forum representing the four National Regional Health Authorities (RHA) in Norway asked the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to conduct a full HTA of 177Lu-PRRT.

  8. Systematic reference list

    Use of clean disposable gloves to prevent infection in the health services, a systematic search for literature with a sorted list of references

    In this publication, we present the results of a systematic search after literature on use of clean disposable gloves to prevent infection in the health services.

  9. Health technology assessment

    Diagnostic accuracy, clinical effectiveness and budget impact of screening BRCA1/2 mutation carriers by MRI. A health technology assessment

    This is a HTA of the diagnostic accuracy, clinical effectiveness and budget impact of breast cancer screening using MRI in combination with mammography, for women with BRCA1/2 genetic mutations.

  10. Research overview

    Effectiveness of treatment for knee osteoarthritis: evidence base for shared decision making

    We were asked to find and summarize key findings from systematic reviews about relevant treatment options to ease the symptoms in patients with arthritis in the knee.

  11. Research overview

    Effectiveness of treatment for hip osteoarthritis: evidence base for shared decision-making

    We were asked to find and summarise key findings from systematic reviews about relevant treatment options to ease the symptoms in patients with arthritis in the hip.

  12. Report

    Vaccination of preterm infants against pertussis and pneumococci

    This report summarises current knowledge about immunogenicity, effectiveness and safety of vaccination of premature infants against whooping cough and invasive pneumococcal disease.

  13. Article

    Workshop on Monitoring Infections and Antibiotic Use in Hospitals held in Moldova

    Around 20 Moldovan health practitioners were gathered in Chisinau to be trained in a new system to monitor prevalence of healthcare associated infections and antibiotic use in Moldovan hospitals.

  14. Health technology assessment

    Bariatric surgery for Type 2 Diabetes and a body mass index below 35 - Health Technology Assessment

    A health technology assessment that addresses efficacy, safety and a health-economic evaluation of bariatric surgery for patients with type 2 diabetes and BMI below 35 compared to standard treatment.

  15. Article

    The increasing mortality advantage of the married

    Marital status is increasingly important for life expectancy. Our research investigates the reasons for this change.

  16. Report

    Influenza epidemiological information prepared for WHO informal meeting on strain composition for inactivated influenza vaccines for use in season 2018-19

    Report submitted by Norway to WHO's influenza vaccine meeting in Geneva, February 2018.

  17. Article

    Adolescence and the next generation

    Investing in adolescents as the parents of the next generation is important for the well-being of both current and future generations.

  18. Information note

    Head Lice (brochure in several languages)

    Information in Albanian - Arabic - Dari - English - Farsi - French - German - Nynorsk - Polish - Russian - Sami - Somali - Spanish - Tigrinya - Urdu

  19. Article

    Making research more accessible

    We are developing tools to make reliable evidence easier to access, understand and use.

  20. Article


    COMMVAC is a multi-partner research project that aims to build research evidence for improving communication about childhood vaccinations in low- and middle-income countries.