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Important documents for MoBa researchers

You will find MoBa protocols, admission documents and guidelines for articles.


MoBa data are used by researchers and research groups nationally and internationally. Guidelines, data admission and prices are the same for all users.

You may contact datatilgang@fhi.no if you need more information.


Admission documents (2015) 

 Checklist for papers

MoBa articles must be approved by the MoBa management group in order that the analyses are performed in accordance with the approved application, and in addition that MoBa is correctly presented in the article. 

We want the syntax files

We ask you to enclose the syntax files when you send us the articles for approval. The syntax files must define all variables/algorithms used in the analysis. Articles without syntax files will not be evaluated by the MoBa management group. Syntax files shall be sent to datatilgang@fhi.no.

Standard text 

Abstract: This study is based on the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (MoBa).  

Material and Methods: The Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (MoBa) is a prospective population-based pregnancy cohort study conducted by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Participants were recruited from all over Norway from 1999-2008. The women consented to participation in 41% of the pregnancies. The cohort now includes 114.500 children, 95.200 mothers and 75.200 fathers. The current study is based on version (to be filled in) of the quality-assured data files released for research on (to be filled in).

Consortia manuscripts where MoBa contributes with metadata: If it’s not applicable to include description and reference to MoBa in the manuscript a minimum description of MoBa with main references must be included in the supplementary part. Researchers contributing to consortia manuscripts with MoBa data must send us a copy of the published paper, to be included in our publication list. 

MoBa  wants researchers to include an  acknowledgement to the Norwegian Ministry of Health, the Norwegian Research Council and the MoBa participants. The text is a suggestion only and may be modified to suit the project:

“The Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Research, NIH/NIEHS (contract no NO1-ES-75558), NIH/NINDS (grant no.1 UO1 NS 047537-01 and grant no. 2 UO1 NS047537-06A1), and the Norwegian Research Council/FUGE (grant no. 151918/S10). We are grateful to all the participating families in Norway who take part in this ongoing cohort study”.