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Important documents for MoBa researchers

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You will find MoBa protocols, admission documents and guidelines for articles.

You will find MoBa protocols, admission documents and guidelines for articles.


Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

MoBa has conducted a Data Protection Impact Assessment in accordance with the new Personal Data Act, which has been approved by the Data Protection Officer at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. The document describes and assesses the processing of personal data in MoBa. It is currently only available in Norwegian.

Questionnaires and data files

Admission documents

Variable list and Form for request for biological material

The form should be filled out and submitted with the application for data and/or biological material from MoBa. The Variable List is available in two versions. The simple version should be used as an attachment to applications submitted via Helsedata.no. Full version should be submitted if the application form on FHI.no - Access to data is used. The application form on FHI.no should only be used for applicants who do not have a Norwegian electronic ID.

The Form for ordering biological material is only available in one version.

Checklist for papers

All MoBa articles must go through an administrative approval from the MoBa management group to ensure that the analyses are performed according to the approved application and that MoBa is described correctly. Here is the checklist that should be sent in with the article.

Changes to existing application 

If you need to make changes to a project that is already approved by the MoBa administration please fill out the following document and send it to mobaadm@fhi.no


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