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Access to biological material from MoBa

Here is information on how to apply for access to biological material from MoBa and what requirements are set, as well as information on the extraction process.

Here is information on how to apply for access to biological material from MoBa and what requirements are set, as well as information on the extraction process.

To gain access to biological material in MoBa, the researcher must send an application to MoBa.  

Application for biological material

To gain access to biological material from MoBa, special requirements are set for the application and for the project.

  1. Applicants must become well acquainted with the biological material included in MoBa before submitting the application. Information on which biological materials are available in MoBa can be found on our website, as well as in the protocol and in the reference articles.

  2. The amount of biological material in the biobank is limited. High requirements for scientific quality are therefore set for projects that are to use this.

  • The research question(s) must be possible to be studied using biological material.
  • The MoBa material must be suitable for the chosen analysis method.
  • The analytical methods applied must use the lowest possible sample volume, and should measure several components per sample to maximise the utilisation of the biological material.
  • Only the amount of material the project needs will be handed out.
  • A calculation of statistical power in the analyses must be attached to the application.

  3. The results from the analyses of the biological material must be returned to MoBa and can then be used by other research projects.

  4. Currently, MoBa does not allow biological materials to be sent to countries outside the EU/EEA. Laboratories that are subject to European legislation (GDPR) must therefore be used. The applicant / PI must enter into necessary agreements with the laboratory where the samples are to be analysed.

Delivery of biological material

The process for extracting biological material consists of two parts:

  1. A list of participants (study population) that will be included in the project is designed. This is done in collaboration with the data unit, .
  2. Extraction of agreed sample material in the Biobank. Estimation of the time of delivery is only made when the study population has been determined.

During periods of high demand for biological material, increased processing time and delivery time will have to be expected. Significant changes after the application has been approved and an agreement has been signed by the applicant will result in a renewed processing of the application. Delivery will then be delayed.


When the biological material is sent from the Biobank to the analysis laboratory, two documents are attached. These documents must be returned to FHI:

  • «Form for registration of receipt of the samples at the analysis laboratory» must be returned to Biobanken: when the samples have been received by the laboratory.
  • «Analysis report» must be filled in after the analyses have been performed and returned to the data unit: (see information below).

Once the samples have been analysed

Once the samples have been analysed, the results and the completed analysis report must be returned to MoBa. Thereafter, the questionnaire data and linkage keys will be handed out in dialogue with the data manager. 

Residual material at the analysis laboratory shall be destroyed with the exception of those cases where MoBa has specifically requested that the material be returned to the MoBa Biobank. The PI must send a written confirmation of the destruction of the remaining biological material to MoBa adm .

Contact information

Case manager in MoBa ():

  • General questions about the use of MoBa for research
  • Wants to discuss the possibility of a research project
  • Commercial actors

Data manager in MoBa ():

  • Questions related to what data and variables are available in MoBa
  • Questions about linkage to other data sources

Biobank ():

  • Questions about available sample material