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  • Statistics about coronavirus and COVID-19


Statistics about coronavirus and COVID-19

Here is information about where you can find statistics about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 disease in Norway.


Here is information about where you can find statistics about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 disease in Norway.

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Closing the service of daily statistics about coronavirus

From Tuesday 15th November, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health will remove content from this page. This is because the supplier of the updated daily figures, Sykdomspulsen, is closing the service where these data are collected for budgetary reasons:

Where can I find statistics about Covid-19? 

National and regional statistics about COVID-19 notifications and vaccination against COVID-19 and influenza can be found at: https://statistikk.fhi.no/ 

Weekly key figures will be provided on Weekly rapports about COVID-19, influenza and other respiratory tract infections (https://www.fhi.no/en/publ/2020/weekly-reports-for-coronavirus-og-covid-19/) 

If you need specific data or compilations from the Norwegian Immunisation Registry SYSVAK or the Norwegian Surveillance System for Communicable Diseases (MSIS), please use the application form at https://helsedata.no/ to apply for access to data. 

Older daily reports

The last daily report in pdf-format was published on Friday 19th June 2020. 

Other COVID-19 statistics

Coronavirus vaccination

Reproduction number - R

The reproduction number R will be presented weekly in the weekly report (English summary)

Inpatients in hospital 

Total mortality

The NIPH also calculates the total mortality in Norway through the NorMOMO-system. The status for total mortality is mentioned in the weekly reports.

The EuroMOMO system is put on hold. Read more on Monitoring system for total mortality (NorMOMO) put on hold.


15.11.2022: Closing the service of daily statistics about coronavirus for budgetary reasons. For statistics see the weekly report.

17.03.2022: Changed the statistics shoeing Covid-19 associated deaths. As of 17.3.2022, COVID-19 associated deaths are monitored only based on data from the Cause of Death Registry and therefore include deaths without a laboratory-confirmed sample in MSIS. The new criteria have led to an upward adjustment of the number of reported deaths.

24.01.2022: Changed the order of the key figures.

01.10.2021: Corrected text about antigen rapid tests in collapsible text box “What is included in the figures for the number tested?”; removed “these are not registered in the MSIS lab database”.

20.04.2021: Figures showing the number of people tested and the number and proportion of positive results among these have been updated. The figure shows data from 1 April 2020. The positive cases in this figure are now based on reported cases to the Communicable Diseases Notification System (MSIS). There are therefore some adjustments in the data compared to the previous figure. In the period before 1 April 2020, the number of tests was based on data collected from the microbiological laboratories that analysed SARS-CoV2 samples during this period. The total number of tests in this period is 102,560. The laboratory results are collected in the MSIS Laboratory Database. Each laboratory in Norway submits data electronically directly to the database. The figure below illustrates the number of persons tested and the proportion of positive test results among these daily since 1 April 2020. "Number of people tested": A new test on a person is defined as a test performed at least 7 days after the previous test on the same person. If the person is tested again after 7 days, they are counted as a new person. Figures from the last few days may be adjusted with the next update.

23.10.2020: Temporarily removed table display in timeline graphs because of an error. The supporting data can still be downloaded in CSV and Excel via the menu.

19.10.2020 Changes in way test activity is presented - we present the number of tests performed as well as the number of people tested.

24.09.2020: Error in update for 24.9: In the update dated 24.9, it is reported that there were three new deaths during the last three weeks. An error means that one death was reported for a person under 40 years of age.  This should be two deaths for people aged over 90 years and one death for a person aged between 80-89 years. NIPH is working to correct the error.

26.05.2020: Many of the figures are now available with data that can be downloaded.