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  • Monitoring system for total mortality (NorMOMO) put on hold


Monitoring system for total mortality (NorMOMO) put on hold

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The system for weekly monitoring of total mortality in Norway (NorMOMO) will be put on hold from and including 15 November 2022. Methodological improvements to the system are necessary but due to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's challenging budget situation this cannot be carried out now.

NorMOMO has contributed weekly calculations of total mortality in Norway since 2015 and has supplied data to the European monitoring system for total mortality, EuroMOMO. All deliveries from NorMOMO are now suspended. This also includes NorMOMO's weekly report, which has now been published on Tuesdays as well as discussion of results in Weekly reports on COVID-19, influenza and other respiratory tract infections (https://www.fhi.no/en/publ/2020/weekly-reports-for-coronavirus-og-covid-19/). The NIPH will continue to analyse mortality in Norway using other methods and is considering different ways to strengthen the analysis work.

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