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  • Closure of the Sykdompuls website


Closure of the Sykdompuls website

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The website for updated, daily figures about COVID-19, influenza, other respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, vaccination data for COVID-19, vaccination data for influenza, and mortality will cease to operate from 15 November. The website has provided separate access to statistics for municipal medical officers, infection control doctors and county governors throughout the pandemic. Machine-readable COVID-19 data via Github for newsrooms such as NTB and VG will also be shut down from 15th November. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has tried to find alternative solutions to Sykdompulsen, but unfortunately must shut down the current solution used by many municipalities because funding to the NIPH to handle the pandemic has been removed. The NIPH will continue to try to find long-term solutions, but this may take some time.

Sykdompulsen will continue to monitor gastrointestinal consultations and respiratory tract consultations (sKUHR data) and will deliver monthly PDF reports on this website.

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