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Management at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

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The top management group includes the Director General, Deputy Director General, four Executive Directors, the Director of Institute Resources, the Chief of Staff and the Communications Director.


The top management group includes the Director General, Deputy Director General, four Executive Directors, the Director of Institute Resources, the Chief of Staff and the Communications Director.

The top management group

Camilla Stoltenberg.

Camilla Stoltenberg - Director General

Camilla is the leader of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. She is also the institute’s contact with the political leaders in the Ministry of Health and Social Care.




Gun Peggy Knudsen.




Gun Peggy Knudsen - Deputy Director General

Gun Peggy is responsible for reviewing the institute's operations to ensure that we are better equipped for the future in terms of financial robustness, digitalisation and development to meet external demands and deadlines.

The Deputy Director General has special responsibility for interdisciplinary activities across the divisions, including digitalisation, business development and financial models.

In addition, the Deputy Director General will follow up some of the major strategic initiatives.


Knut-Inge Klepp.

Knut-Inge Klepp - Executive Director 

Knut-Inge manages the Division of Mental and Physical Health. 

The division works with issues concerning physical health, mental health and substance abuse, focusing on incidence, causal and protective factors, health conditions and evaluation of interventions. The division has expertise in epidemiology and health statistics and is building up and developing activities for disease burden analyses, knowledge summaries and evaluation of public health interventions. 

He is responsible for co-ordinating research and health analysis across the institute.


Geir Bukholm.

Geir Bukholm - Executive Director 

Geir manages the Division of Infection Control and Environmental Health.

This division has expertise in exposure factors in the environment, pathogens and infectious diseases. The division conducts research, health analysis and provides services. The division also has high laboratory competence.

He is responsible for co-ordinating emergency preparedness and advice across the institute. He also has responsibility for co-ordinating laboratory operations at the institute.



Ninia Margrethe Johnsen.jpg

Ninia Margrethe Johnsen – Acting Executive Director

As Acting Executive Director, Ninia manages the Division of Health Data and Digitalisation.

The division has expertise in the research and management of health registries, population health studies, biobanks and IT/e-health/digitalisation. The division conducts registry-based research and health analysis, as well as genetic and other research related to biobank material. The division also has expertise in bioinformatics. 

She is responsible for co-ordinating health registries, IT/e-health and health studies/biobank across the institute.  


Trygve Ottersen.

Trygve Ottersen - Executive Director

Trygve leads the Division of the Health Services. This includes the former Knowledge Centre for the Health Services.

The division provides a knowledge base for decision makers at all levels in the health care services, from central government to the municipal health service. The division has expertise in systematic reviews, health technology assessments, user experience research, quality indicators in health services and improvements in community health.

He is responsible for co-ordinating systematic reviews, health economic analyses, health technology assessments, health service analysis and user interaction across the institute.


Unni Aagedal.

Unni M. Aagedal - Director

Unni manages the section for Institute Resources.

The section is responsible for supporting the management and governance of the institute and general administrative services, ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, external and internal requirements. The section is also responsible for management of internal operations and premises.



Gunhild Wøien.


Gunhild Wøien - Chief of Staff 

Gunhild ensures there is collaboration both within the NIPH and in relation to external partners, ensuring coherence and continuity within the organisation. 

She is the adviser to the Director-General and is contributes in processes across the institute.






Christina Rolfheim-Bye.

Christina Rolfheim-Bye - Communications Director

Christina manages the Department of Communications and has responsibility for both internal and external communication at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.