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Report 2014: 1 Relationship between quality in centre-based childcare and children's functioning at 5 years - main findings

  • Year: 2014:1
  • By: Norwegian Institute of Public Health
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  • Authors Wang MV med flere.
Rapport 2014:1.jpg

The report is the second in a series related to centre-based childcare research in the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (MoBa). It is based on questionnaires completed by parents and educational directors in centre-based childcare, for over 4,000 five-year-olds nationwide.

This report is only available in Norwegian.

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Main findings

Children with good relationships to the adult caregivers in their centre-based childcare also have better language and psychological development than those children with poor caregiver relationships. Other measures of Norwegian centre-based childcare quality, such as pedagogic practices, access to material resources, staff size and group size, seem to have little impact on children's linguistic and psychological functioning at five years.