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  1. Children with language difficulties - risk factors and developmental paths

    This study aims to learn about children's normal language development and the factors that contribute to variations in language skills.

    Published Updated

  2. Health technology assessment of influenza vaccination of children (project description)

    This project aims to assess the clinical effect and cost-effectiveness of influenza vaccination of chronically ill and healthy children.

    Published Updated

  3. Clinical procedures (project description)

    The Knowledge Centre coordinates the National Network for clinical procedures.

    Published Updated

  4. Teaching and support for evidence based knowledge management (project description)

    The Project includes teaching knowledge management aimed at students and staff in the health services and administration.

    Published Updated

  5. Psychometric Assessment Project (project description)

  6. Coordination of Quality Indicator Data for OECD and NOMESCO (project description)

  7. Development of a tool to measure user experiences with municipal health and social care services (project description)

  8. Method Development (project description)

    Purpose: Supportive research and development for the national user experience studies.

    Published Updated

  9. Effect of mass media communication about health promoting behaviours to immigrants

  10. Caremoms (project description)

    The Caremoms project examines the effect of having children with special care needs on maternal employment, income and sickness certification, as well as self-reported mental health and well-being.

    Published Updated

  11. The significance of early social skills and communication for later language development

    The purpose of this study was to look at the development from early social skills and non-verbal communication at 18 months to later language development at three and five years of age.

    Published Updated