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  1. News

    European Research Council grant awarded to Norwegian researcher

    The prestigious European Research Council Consolidator Grant has been awarded to Dr Frederik Frøen at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH). He will use the 2.2 million euro grant to improve health data collection in Palestine, with a view to reducing maternal and child mortality.

  2. News

    Preschools are positively related to children’s development and functioning

    Children who have an early start at kindergarten (universal preschool care for children from 1-6 years old) or family day care have a lower risk of late language development.

  3. Research findings

    Different drinking habits among partners may lead to divorce

    Both the amounts and similarity in alcohol use patterns between partners are important risk factors for divorce. It is worst if the wife drinks more than her husband, according to a 2013 study from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

  4. News

    Report about child and adolescent health and the environment released

    A report about how conditions in the environment may affect child and adolescent health has been released by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

  5. Research findings

    Are the metabolic syndrome and cancer related?

    Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes type 2. Few studies have studied the metabolic syndrome as an entity and the risk of cancer.

  6. Research findings

    Link between toddler sleep patterns and behaviour at 5

    Toddlers who sleep less than 10 hours a night or wake frequently are more likely to have emotional and behavioural problems at the age of five, according to a 2015 study.

  7. Research findings

    Organic food and malformations in the urinary tract (hypospadias) in newborn boys

    Women who ate organically produced food during pregnancy had halved likelihood of giving birth to a boy with hypospadias compared to women who never or seldom did so.

  8. Research findings

    More obesity among the less educated in rich countries

    In rich countries, obesity is more common among the lower educated, whilst in poor countries, obesity is more common among the higher educated.

  9. Research findings

    Parental break-up and conflicts

    Do maternal couple relationships change throughout the child-rearing years and can the likelihood of parental break-up be predicted?

  10. News

    Regional Ethics Committee approval required for access to MoBa data

    The Norwegian Institute of Public Health is changing the practice for accessing data files from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (MoBa).

  11. News

    New responsibilities in 2016

    The Knowledge Centre for the Health Services, the Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research (SIRUS) and the secretariat of the Scientific Committee for Food Safety are now part of the NIPH.

  12. News

    EEA and Norway Grants improve public health in Europe

    "This cooperation is strengthening the public health work in Europe and contributes to reducing social inequality within its borders."

  13. News

    New guidelines for MoBa

    New guidelines for access to data and biological material from MoBa have been introduced. All principal investigators (PIs) should be aware of the revised guidelines.

  14. Research findings

    Excess abdominal fat is associated with heart attack

    A large waist-hip ratio is a more important risk factor for heart attacks than weight, especially for younger to middle-aged women.

  15. News

    How many children were vaccinated in 2015?

    More and more children in Norway are being vaccinated and now the vast majority of children and adolescents have taken the vaccines recommended in the Childhood Immunisation Programme.

  16. News

    Law passed to establish Palestinian public health institute

    On April 5th 2016, new legislation was approved to establish the Palestinian National Institute of Public Health (PNIPH).

  17. News

    Slight increase in drug consumption in 2015

    Drug sales measured in defined daily doses (DDD) increased by 2 per cent from 2014 to 2015. Revenue growth was 8.6 per cent.

  18. Research findings

    Decrease in suicide not linked to newer antidepressants

    Many researchers have studied the relationship between the increase in sales of new antidepressants in recent decades and a simultaneous decline in the suicide rate.

  19. Research findings

    Clear association between cerebral palsy and low Apgar score

    A 2010 study from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health showed a clear association between CP and Apgar score in children with both normal and low birth weight.

  20. News

    Immunotherapy inhibits heroin effects in research animals

    Immunotherapy could have a place in the treatment of substance abuse in the future.