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Public Health Survey in Hordaland 2018

The public health survey in Hordaland will take place in January and April 2018.

The public health survey in Hordaland will take place in January and April 2018.

The first group will be invited in mid-January. All questionnaires are electronic. Any technical problems will be corrected before the main group receive their questionnaires in April 2018.

Participant selection

Participants are selected randomly from the Norwegian Population Registry and e-mails or telephone numbers are obtained from the contact registry from the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi). Participants are asked questions about their age and gender to confirm that the information from the Population Registry is correct.


The purpose of the survey is to gather information about what interventions are working in mental and physical health. The results will be shared with the county and municipalities who can use the information to improve public health efforts. In addition, we will use the information we collect from the county studies in research. 

To achieve the best possible analyses and for quality control purposes, it may be appropriate to collect information from other sources, including data on households, country of origin, employment, income and health. This data will be obtained from the registers of Statistics Norway.

The questions concern health, well-being and other factors that are relevant to public health. The questionnaire is based on Public Health Regulations that stipulate that the following will be monitored by the municipalities:

  • Childhood and living conditions: includes financial situations and conditions that affect housing, occupation, education and social support
  • Physical, biological, chemical and social environments; includes local environment and noise
  • Accidents and unintentional injuries
  • Health-related behaviour: physical activity, nutrition, tobacco use and intoxicants
  • Health status: health, dental health, disease and mental illness 

What happens to the information? 

The details you provide will be stored and processed in compliance with applicable personal data protection regulations. The county and municipalities will only receive anonymised data files from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health for further analysis.  

All analyses at an individual level will be carried out by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health or other research institutions that are approved by regional research ethics committees. It will not be possible to identify individuals in the statistics or in any research resulting from the survey. Results will only be published about groups and never at an individual level. 

The survey has been approved by the Norwegian Data Inspectorate and adheres to the regulations in the Personal Health Data Filing System Act.