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  • Development and approval of coronavirus vaccine


Development and approval of coronavirus vaccine

Several biotechnology companies, global vaccine manufacturers and other organisations are developing vaccines against COVID-19 disease.


Several biotechnology companies, global vaccine manufacturers and other organisations are developing vaccines against COVID-19 disease.


Major resources have been invested to develop good vaccines against coronavirus. Several vaccines are under development and some have been approved by the medicine authorities. 


Although the medicines agencies in Europe and Norway are facilitating the rapid development and approval of coronavirus vaccines, the strict requirements for quality, efficacy and safety must still be met. A vaccine is only approved if the benefit is considered to far exceed the risk.

Coronavirus vaccines with Norwegian marketing authorisation 



Type of vaccine

Approved by European and Norwegian Medicines Agencies



BioNTech og Pfizer


Conditional approval  21.12.2020

Vaccine against coronavirus - Comirnaty (BioNTech and Pfizer)

COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna



Conditional approval  06.01.2021

Vaccine against coronavirus - Spikevax (Moderna)




Conditional approval 20.12.2021

Vaccine against coronavirus - Nuvaxovid (Novavax)



Viral vector

Conditional approval  29.01.2021

Put on hold in Norway 11.03.2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen

Jansen-Cilag International NV

Viral vector

Conditional approval  11.03.2021

Roll-out suspended in Norway

The vaccines have been tested in large studies where several thousand people have received them. The studies have been carried out in the same way as for other vaccines, but the observation time is shorter. Conditional approval means that there are enough data to assess that the benefit of the vaccine is far greater than the risk, but that the vaccine manufacturer must continue the studies and continuously provide the medicine agencies with data that become available.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency assesses the clinical documentation and approves vaccines for use in Norway, in collaboration with the European Medicines Agency. Several coronavirus vaccines are expected to be approved.

Vaccine technologies

Approval process


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