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  • Mental Health and Suicide


Mental Health and Suicide

The department is engaged in health analytics and research on mental health.

This includes psychological symptoms, interaction with the health service regarding mental health problems, the most common mental health conditions, and suicide.

The department has particular responsibility for health analytics and research on the health of immigrants.

Core tasks

  • Psychological symptoms: The department regularly provides analyses of national, regional and local health surveys containing data on psychological symptoms and quality of life.
  • Seeking help for mental health problems from the health service: The department analyses data from the specialist and primary health service in order to establish how different demographics (gender, age, geography and socio-economic background) seek help for mental health problems from the health service.
  • Improved basic data on mental health and substance use: There is a need to improve basic data on mental health and substance use. The department is engaged in an analytical project on registry data concerning mental health and substance use (PsyRus) as well as a pilot project on diagnosis-based examination of mental health issues and substance-related disorders.
  • Mental health: The department is involved in a number of projects on social inequalities and mental health. This work usually draws on registries and health studies such as the Study of Health and Living Conditions and the HUNT Study. The department is also involved in research into the impact of flu infection in the mother during pregnancy on the child’s subsequent mental health.
  • Suicide: The department approaches this topic from a public health perspective, and it conducts both quantitative and qualitative research projects. The quantitative projects rely mainly on registry data. The qualitative data is obtained from the next of kin following a suicide. The department is also engaged in validating suicide statistics.
  • Immigrant health: The department is responsible for co-ordinating immigrant health projects within the Division for Mental and Physical Health. Our health analyses and research into immigrant health look primarily at how immigrants interact with the health service in relation to mental and physical health issues and at suicide amongst the immigrant population.
  • Health economics: The department is involved in studies aiming to improve health economics methodology.

International collaboration:

The department assists the Arctic Council with projects on suicide amongst indigenous peoples. It is also part of an international research network looking at patient contact with the health service prior to a suicide.


Switchboard: +47 21 07 70 70

Department Director

Anne Reneflot

Mobiltelefon: +47 97 58 51 10

Visiting address

Marcus Thranes gate 6

0473 Oslo

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Postal address

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, PO Box 222 Skøyen

N-0213 Oslo

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Photo of Anne Reneflot

Anne Reneflot

Department Director

M: +47 975 85 110

Photo of Baeksan Yu

Baeksan Yu

Post Doctoral Fellow

M: +47

Ansatt bilde

Benedicte Kirkøen

M: +47 454 74 009

Ansatt bilde

Carine Øien-Ødegaard

M: +47 932 06 326

Photo of Emily Gabriela Vira

Emily Gabriela Vira

M: +47

Photo of Ingri Myklestad

Ingri Myklestad

Ansatt bilde

Kamila Angelika Hynek

PhD candidate

M: +47 993 36 786

Photo of Kim Stene-Larsen

Kim Stene-Larsen

Senior researcher

Photo of Lars Johan Hauge

Lars Johan Hauge


Photo of Maja Gunvor Eilertsen

Maja Gunvor Eilertsen

PhD candidate

M: +47 958 95 434

Photo of Margarete Erika Maria Torgersen Vollrath

Margarete Erika Maria Torgersen Vollrath

Senior scientist

Photo of Mei Ying Ng

Mei Ying Ng

Senior Adviser

M: +47 990 40 175

Ansatt bilde

Melanie Lindsay Straiton


Photo of Per Henrik Zahl

Per Henrik Zahl

Senior Scentist

M: +47 975 48 451

Photo of Ragnhild Bang Nes

Ragnhild Bang Nes

Research Professor

M: +47

Ansatt bilde

Ragnhild Elise Ørstavik

Ansatt bilde

Rune Johansen


M: +47

Photo of Sissel Marguerite Belanger

Sissel Marguerite Belanger

M: +47 452 68 411

Photo of Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen

Research Professor

M: +47 976 64 509

Ansatt bilde

Thomas Sevenius Nilsen

Senior Adviser