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Health Data Collection and Curation

The Department for Health Data Collection and Curation receives and assures the quality of notifications to several registries.


Switchboard: +47 21 07 70 00

Department Director

Karin Mathilde Opheim

Mobiltelefon: +47 48 01 62 88

Visiting address

Zander Kaaes gate 7

5015 Bergen

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Postal address

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, PO Box 973 Sentrum

N-5808 Bergen

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Photo of Karin Mathilde Opheim

Karin Mathilde Opheim

Department Director

M: +47 480 16 288

Photo of Charlotte Alison Jevne

Charlotte Alison Jevne

M: +47 995 84 422

Ansatt bilde

Christine Maria Bergflødt

Senior advisor

M: +47 905 92 459

Photo of Helene Vestre Alcott

Helene Vestre Alcott

Photo of Ingvill Hægland Horvei

Ingvill Hægland Horvei

Ansatt bilde

Janne Dyngeland

M: +47 924 59 680

Photo of Kristian Kolrud Vangen

Kristian Kolrud Vangen

Senior Adviser

M: +47 934 56 844

Ansatt bilde

Linda Irene Kristoffersen

Ansatt bilde

Marianne Bjørnen

Photo of Merete Kallekleiv

Merete Kallekleiv

Senior Adviser

M: +47 975 85 127

Photo of Vilde Bjørke Wergeland

Vilde Bjørke Wergeland