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Applying for data from NorFlu

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Illustrasjonsfoto: Colourbox.com

Recruitment to the study ended in October 2010. The Norwegian Influenza Study (NorFlu) will continue to follow up participants and develop new questionnaires that will generate more data for the study. More detailed information about NorFlu can be found in the study’s protocol and conditions.

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Researchers can apply electronically for access to questionnaire data and biological material from NorFlu. The application will be evaluated by the NorFlu Scientific Management Group.

The hypothesis must be relevant to the purpose of NorFlu and be within the conditions and protocol. The management group will consider:

  • scientific quality and originality
  • scientific environment around the applicant
  • benefit for preventive or curative health efforts
  • scientific, administrative, practical and financial contribution to planning and/or data collection in NorFlu 

Biological material from NorFlu is a limited resource unlike questionnaire data that are reusable. The project should have a hypothesis that cannot be answered through alternative collection of biological material (e.g. blood banks) or smaller studies. Analysis results should also be made available for other scientific purposes. The amount of material requested will also be taken into account (micro-methods are required). The laboratory that will receive the material is also required to document that they can perform high quality analysis.

Applicants are expected to make a financial contribution which will be used in the operation and maintenance of the database and to cover the costs of the project.

Here is an overview of the documentation in NorFlu: