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About NorEPIS

NorEPIS (Norwegian Enhanced Paediatric Surveillance Network) is a research network for diseases that can be prevented by vaccination.

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The network’s aim is to contribute to the monitoring of the effectiveness and safety of vaccines introduced in the Norwegian Childhood Immunisation Programme and evaluate the need for new vaccines. In NorEPIS, researchers from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health collaborate with healthcare personnel from paediatric and microbiological departments at five major hospitals in Norway:

  • Oslo University Hospital Ullevål
  • Akershus University Hospital
  • Østfold Hospital Kalnes
  • St. Olavs Hospital
  • Stavanger University Hospital



The network has ongoing studies about rotavirus infection, influenza, RS-virus and whooping cough among children in Norway.

Collaboration partner

The network also participates in a European collaboration project about whooping cough, PERTINENT.