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Research overview
Systematic literature search

Orthodontic treatment in children and adolescents. Systematic literature search

We were asked to conduct a systematic reference list for orthodontic treatment.

Downloadable. In Norwegian. English Key Messages.

  • Year: 03.2017
  • By: Folkehelseinstituttet
  • Authors Larun L, Håheim LL, Kirkehei I, Reinar LM.
  • ISBN (digital): 978-82-8082-828-6



Key message

Orthodontic treatment deals primarily with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws. The treatment can vary from moving a single tooth, several teeth or correction of the jaws. An estimated 30% of each annual child cohort in Norway is referred for orthodontic treatment with financial support from Social Security.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health asked The Norwegian Institute of Public Health to conduct a systematic reference list for orthodontic treatment. We identified 1164 references, red, 358 in full text and 82 were grouped in categories.

  • Of the 41 identified systematic reviews of the treatment effect of malocclusions 17 were concerned with overjet, 13 with anterior crossbite (underbite), four with open bite, three about crossbites (transversal discrepancies ), three about crowding and excess dental arch space, one about retained teeth and none about missing teeth.
  • 21 systematic reviews were identified about specific and alternative treatment modalities for different malocclusion
  • 20 systematic reviews were identified concerning side effects of orthodontic treatment and quality of life
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