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  • Events, gatherings and activities

Events, gatherings and activities

This article describes how to evaluate the risk of transmission at gatherings, events and activities and appropriate measures to reduce risk.

This article describes how to evaluate the risk of transmission at gatherings, events and activities and appropriate measures to reduce risk.

Normal operation is recommended, but in accordance with regulations on environmental health protection. This applies to all businesses, requiring that business operations and activities must be planned, carried out and cancelled in a manner that prevents transmission of infectious diseases.

If the local infection situation so requires, local authorities may recommend or legislate local infection control measures.

Basic infection control recommendations remain important, and will limit the spread of infectious diseases, including COVID-19. See

For larger events, it may be useful to make an event plan that takes into account infection control considerations, and carry out a risk assessment. It may also be useful to contact the local health authorities for questions about infection control.

In general, the recommendation that people who are ill should stay at home, still applies. See

There should be good capacity for hand hygiene. This is especially important at the entrance area, by the toilets/restroom facilities and at dining places. See

The organiser should ensure good cleaning. See

The risk of transmission is increased in rooms with poor ventilation, especially when many people are gathered. Good ventilation is therefore an important infection control measure. See


29.11.2022: Link to risk assessment tool has been removed.

14.02.2022: Updated in accordance with current advice from the government from 12.02.22 Regulated requirements for infection control-sound sound operation in the COVID-19 regulations have been repealed. There are no longer special requirements for organisers related to the size of events / gatherings or requirements to facilitate social distancing. Normal operation and basic infection control measures are recommended.

02.02.2022: Updated according to the government's new guidelines and recommendations as of 01.02.22 Removed number limit table Updated risk assessment tool and checklist

21.01.2022: Updated according to press release from the government dated 20.01.22 regarding changes in number of participants at events.

17.01.2022: Updated according to new regulations. Ventilation advice updated.

15.12.2021: Updated in accordance with rules and recommendations as determined by the Government on December 13, 2021.

08.12.2021: Updated in accordance with the government's decisions and recommendations valid from 09.12.21

03.12.2021: Updated and revised in accordance with current recommendations and rules. Revised risk assessment tool and checklist. Removed tables

06.09.2021: Updated according to the government's adjustments for stage 3 with more people allowed at events with fixed, designated seats and COVID-19 certificates, which came into effect 04.09. Updated information on distance requirements for events with a COVID-19 certificate. Linguistic changes and adjustments in accordance with current recommendations.

01.08.2021: Updated according to regulatory changes that come into effect from. 02.08.21

08.07.2021: Updated in accordance with the the government's adjustments step 3 from 8. july

21.06.2021: Updated paragraphs: Number of participants at events with cohorts and COVID-19 certificate

07.06.2021: Corrected and updated text about participating in events across municipal boundaries in accordance with the government's recommendations Removed text about trade fairs and markets in table.

02.06.2021: Removed "outdoor markets and trade fairs" under Outdoor events without fixed designated seats.

31.05.2021: From 27 May, exhibitions and temporary markets are not considered to be events. Removed text about flea markets. Updated text about alcohol serving.

27.05.2021: Updated in accordance with the government's step 2 in reopening, as well as updated the recommendation for gatherings in private homes with advice for protected people

25.03.2021: Changed according to updated national recommendations

16.04.2021: Updated according to the Government guidelines for events and gatherings from 16.04.2021

24.02.2021: New advice about licensing according to changes in regulations

23.02.2021: Specified about considering the need for guards at events

22.02.2021: Updated according to Norwegian version

03.02.2021: Moved information about organised activities for children to another article

25.01.2021: Added new, stricter measures in 25 municipalities in Eastern Norway

19.01.2021: Updated according to new guidelines for events and gatherings presented by the Government on 18.01.2021.

08.01.2021: Clarification that temporary recommendations are implemented from January 4th to January 19th

04.01.2021: Updated with new guidelines for number of people at events and private gatherings as decided by Government on 03.01.2021.  New paragraph about vaccination and implications for planning of events.

14.12.2020: Added section about congregational singing and updated text about ventilation.

23.11.2020: Updated with advice about open events, such as switching on Christmas tree lights.

16.11.2020: Corrected sentence: 600 people outdoors where the audience sits in fixed seats, divided into groups / cohorts of up to 200 people. 

13.11.2020: Updated paragraph about fixed seating.

09.11.2020: Updated article according to new, stricter measures, see specification 05.11.2020
Text updated with information about the changes that apply from 28 October (announced at government press conference 26 October)

13.10.2020: Removed the sentence: "Alcohol cannot be served after midnight and should not be consumed after 00.30 a.m." Changed from 10 to 14 days and added second sentence:  "If it is necessary to make a list of participants with contact details for this purpose, this should be deleted after 14 days. The organiser shall inform those present that an overview is being made."

12.10.2020: Updated text with changes that come into effect today, removing "from 12th October.." 

07.10.2020: General updates to text as per Norwegian version. Updated files. 

05.10.2020: Updated files under "Checklist" and "Risk assessment"

16.09.2020 Updated files under "Checklist" and "Risk assessment"

27.08.2020 Added sentence under Events, point 1 "A training match will only be considered to be an event if it has spectators."

21.08.2020 added sentence about table service when alcohol is served

17.08.2020 Added paragraph about flea markets. 

14.08.2020 Updated advice regarding changes and specifications in the COVID-19 regulations, and new paragraph about private gatherings.

10.08.2020 Added sentence about people under the age of 20 being exempt from the distance requirements during sports events within their sporting district - under "Events for up to 200 people."

16.07.2020: Added link about safe service at buffets and salad bars

26.06.2020: added section about exemption from distance for matches and competitions. Added section about food-serving venues 

18.06.2020: Updated with more details about advice about keeping a physical distance.

Information about events and summer activities for children and adolescents, plus advice about planning and risk assessment is revised and added, in addition to checklist and risk assessment for events for adults and children/adolescents under 20 years.

Added that from 15th June 2020 it is allowed to have events in public places for up to 200 people, which events this applies to and which groups are exempt from the physical distance requirements in order for the event to be performed as normal. Added that it will not be opened for events for more than 500 people before 1st September at the earliest. Removed the paragraphs "Events and summer activities of longer duration for children and adolescents", "Planning" and "Organisation."

Removed amusement parks from section about arrangements with over 500 people as per Norwegian version.

Added information about "Events and summer activities of longer duration for children and adolescents" 

Added information about planning and risk assessments.

Updated as per Norwegian version. Advice about planning and risk assessments will be translated soon.

Updated according to Directorate of Health's recommendations published on 30th April, and link to Infection Control for Music Practice. 

Updated text with new advice from Directorate of Health about events in the summer.