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  • COVID-19 certificate for non-digital users ready on Thursday


COVID-19 certificate for non-digital users ready on Thursday

From Thursday 24 June, people who do not use a smartphone, PC or tablet can receive the COVID-19 certificate by post.

From Thursday 24 June, people who do not use a smartphone, PC or tablet can receive the COVID-19 certificate by post.

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The service can be used if you are vaccinated or immune after having had COVID-19.

The certificate consists of two parts:

  • COVID-19 certificate for domestic use
  • COVID-19 certificate for crossing borders in the EU and EEA area


  • COVID-19 certificate ready in EU / EEA version

Does everyone need a COVID-19 certificate?

You do not need a COVID-19 certificate unless you are travelling to countries that require a COVID-19 certificate for entry, to avoid quarantine when you enter Norway, or if you want to participate in larger events or coastal cruises with a COVID-19 certificate requirement.

You can access your digital COVID-19 certificate by logging in to www.helsenorge.no. People who cannot use the digital solution can use the power of attorney function at Helsenorge to get help to print a valid COVID-19 certificate at any time.

From Thursday, you can also contact Helfo for assistance in getting a printout sent to your registered address. See more information below.

Use the digital solution where possible

The digital COVID-19 certificate on www.helsenorge.no is updated automatically, and is valid for 90 days at any time. You can download your digital COVID-19 certificate to your mobile phone or tablet. It is not necessary to print the certificate if you have this available digitally. If you still want a printout, please arrange this yourself.

Many people take contact for assistance, so in order for us to be able to help people without other options, we recommend that everyone who can use a digital COVID-19 certificate does so.

Procedure for assistance to non-digital citizens valid from Thursday:

  1. Have your national identity number or d-number near at hand
  2. Call the corona information helpline:
    • Opening hours at 08.00 - 15.30, Monday to Friday.
    • From Norway: 815 55 015
    • From abroad: +47 21 89 80 42

The case officer will ask you to provide your national identity or d-number, your name and your registered address. Unfortunately, if the name and address you provide do not match your registered address, we are unable to send the COVID-19 certificate. You must then contact the population register to check what is registered about you.

If you have a valid COVID-19 certificate, this will be sent by post.

Please note that it may take a week before you receive the certificate. You will therefore not be sent a COVID-19 certificate based on a negative coronavirus test because the test result is only valid for 24 hours.

Be aware that the certificate is valid from 90 days after printout.