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Karl Erik Lund

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During the coming years, a range of new alleged risk-reducing nicotine products will be entering the market. New generations of electronic delivery systems for nicotine uptake, different from the ecigarettes of today, are under development. In addition, the tobacco industry is currently testmarketing heat-not-burn products – a hybrid between a conventional cigarette and an e-cigarette that heats rather than burns tobacco and by that deliver reduced levels of toxicants. There are also a range of other new nicotine products in the pipeline. Researchers, policy makers and tobacco control activists disagree whether alternative nicotine products will complement or undermine successful tobacco control efforts. The international research community are seeking for a framework to predict the overall public health impact of these products as the data on actual use patterns unfolds and risks are assessed. Moreover, the health authorities have to gear themselves towards the differentiation


Dr. Karl E. Lund is senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. He was Research Director at the Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research for the period 2006-2018. He has been involved in tobacco control work since the mid-1980s, and received the Norwegian Medical Association’s Award in preventive medicine in 2000. Dr. Lund has been a member of several expert committees including WHO’s International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC). He is Associate Editor in Nicotine & Tobacco Research and a Senior Associate Editor of Tobacco Regulatory Science. He has been an expert witness in several lawsuits against the tobacco industry. Dr. Lund holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from 1996 and he was formally assessed with qualifications as Professor in 2009.?

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