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  1. Article

    Norway hosts global epidemic preparedness organisation, CEPI

    The Norwegian Institute of Public Health is the host of the global Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. Independent of the NIPH, the organisation also has offices in London and Delhi.

  2. Research findings

    Enterovirus may trigger coeliac disease

    Common gastrointestinal viruses may be a contributing factor to coeliac disease, according to a study from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and Østfold Hospital.

  3. Health technology assessment

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for osteonecrosis

    We have summarized research on the clinical effect and safety HBOT as a treatment for osteonecrosis. We have also examined the cost-effectiveness and budget consequences of HBOT.

  4. Article

    New funding for the Centre

    CeFH has been awarded three new research projects

  5. Article

    An interview with Robyn Wootton

    A short interview with visiting scientist Robyn Wootton as she wraps up her stay at the Centre

  6. Report

    Influenza Virological and Epidemiological Information prepared for the WHO Consultation on the Composition of Influenza Virus Vaccines for the Northern Hemisphere 2019–2020 Beijing, February 2019

    The WHO National Influenza Centre Norway at the NIPH prepares a report for WHO every February and September that describes the influenza situation in Norway.

  7. Article

    Inaugural environmental epidemiology field training in Ghana

    NIPH is collaborating with Public Health England to support the implementation of a new environmental epidemiology module for the Ghana Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Programme.

  8. News

    NIPH core partner in International Decision Support Initiative

    The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) will share its expertise with low- and middle-income countries about health technology assessments and systematic reviews.

  9. Research findings

    ADHD diagnoses poorly documented

    Many ADHD diagnoses are not well documented, according to a review of the medicals records of 549 children with an ADHD diagnosis.

  10. Article

    Prices for access to data and biological material

    The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) will charge for actual expenses in connection with administrative work, processing and delivery of data.

  11. News

    Child’s age at parental divorce can affect antidepressant use in adulthood

    Children who were aged 15-19 when their parents divorced are less likely to use antidepressants as adults than children who were under four-years-old when their parents divorced.

  12. Report

    Early risk assessment: What to expect of the 2018/19 influenza season in Norway

    This brief report presents the assessment by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health(NIPH) on the influenza situation early in the 2018/2019 season.

  13. Report

    Health status in Norway 2018

    In this short version of the public health report Health Status in Norway 2018, we describe the current state of health in the population in 2018 and look at health trends over time.

  14. Systematic review

    Adapted health information and patient education for persons with immigrant or minority ethnic background

    This report gives an overview of summarized evidence on the effect of adapted health information and patient education for immigrants or minority ethnic groups.

  15. Health technology assessment

    Therapist-supported internet therapy for mental disorders

    The Norwegian Institute of Public Health was commissioned to prepare a health technology assessment on the use of guided internet treatment for mental disorders (eMeistring).

  16. Research overview

    Effects of partial sick leave versus full-time sick leave on sickness absence and work participation

    The Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV) commissioned us to map all evidence on the effects of PTSL versus full-time sick leave (FTSL) on sickness absence and work participation.

  17. Report

    Interlaboratory Comparison on POPs in Food 2018

    The 19th round of the interlaboratory comparison study on the determination of PCDDs/PCDFs, PCBs and brominated flame retardants in three food items were conducted in spring of 2018.

  18. Research findings

    Maternal history of miscarriages and measures of fertility in relation to childhood asthma

    Children of parents who have had difficulty conceiving, or who are the result of assisted reproduction, are at increased risk of asthma according to a Norwegian study.

  19. Systematic review

    Tapering from buprenorphine or methadone for pregnant women in opioid maintenance treatment (OMT)

    We have summarised the evidence on effects for mother and child of tapering compared with continued maintenance treatment during pregnancy. 

  20. Report

    Usage of Antivirals and the Occurrence of Antiviral Resistance in Norway 2017

    The annual report from Resistance against Antivirals in Norway (RAVN) presents national surveillance data on antiviral resistance for a number of viruses.