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Mapping review

Associations between parenting styles and child outcomes: Systematic literature search with sorting

  • Year: 2018
  • By: Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  • Authors Blaasvær N, Baiju N.
  • ISBN (digital): 978-82-8082-914-6
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We were commissioned to make a systematic literature search with sorting on Associations between parenting styles and child outcomes.

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Key message

Key Messages 

The Division of Health Services in the Norwegian Institute of Public Health was commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs to conduct a systematic literature search with subsequent categorization of relevant research. The commission was to identify systematic- and non-systematic reviews on the association between parenting style (and parenting behaviour) and child outcomes.


On the basis of a test search that was done in the autumn of 2017, we knew that there were several systematic reviews and other literature reviews on the subject of parenting styles. We therefore agreed with the commissioner to search for systematic- and non-systematic reviews from 2000 and later. In December 2017, a librarian searched in 11 social science- and medical databases for relevant reviews. Two researchers screened all identified references and considered their relevance relative to the inclusion criteria. The researchers included reviews of primary studies on the relationship between different parenting behaviours and outcomes in children. Finally, they assessed the methodological quality of the systematic reviews before they categorised the reviews.


  • 89 reviews met the inclusion criteria: 16 systematic reviews, 68 non-systematic reviews and 5 ongoing reviews.
  • Most reviews examined the association between parenting style and outcomes related to children’s psychological- and somatic health. Other reviews concerned the association between specific parenting behaviour and child outcomes, such as school achievement and physical activity.
  • There is an abundance of literature reviews, and primary studies, about the association between parenting styles and outcomes in children.