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  • Home visits to the elderly – systematic literature search

Mapping review

Home visits to the elderly – systematic literature search

Published Updated

About this publication

  • Year: 2013
  • Authors Larun L, Dalsbø TK, Kirkehei I.
  • ISBN (digital): 978-82-8121-539-9

Key message

The Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services was commissioned by project managers in Hamar and Gjøvik municipalities to do a systematic search for literature assessing the effect of preventive home visits to the elderly.


The researchers carried out a systematic search of databases March 13th 2013 using search terms for ”elderly” combined with search terms for ”home visits” and a filter limiting the search to systematic reviews based on randomised controlled trials. Two reviewers independently screened the titles and abstracts and retrieved those that matched the inclusion criteria.


  • Seven systematic reviews were included from a total of 1152 references.
  • The systematic reviews included individuals aged 65 years and older, some included frail elderly while others only included those with a lower mortality risk.
  • The preventing home visits were voluntary, and was provided by health- or social workers. The visits had a multidimensional focus and included advice to prevent problems or reduce risks in relation to growing old. There was variation in relation to content, provider, duration and frequency.
  • The following outcomes were reported:

             - self-rated health

             - quality of life

             - activity and participation

             - admission to an institution

             - physical- and psychosocial function

             - use of health- and social resources and costs