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Injury prevention, a mapping of systematic reviews

Key message

Norwegian Knowledge center has, based on a commission by the Norwegian Safety Forum, performed a systematic literature search for systematic reviews examining practical interventions to prevent injuries.


We developed and performed systematic searches in the databases Medline Ovid, Pubmed, Cochrane Library and CRD for systematic reviews about interventions to prevent injuries. The search comprised prevention of injuries in general in addition to some specific places and situations that are prone to injuries.  The search was performed in august 2012 and was limited in time to 2007-2102. Both authors screened the identified references for relevance in accordance with the inclusion criteria. The publications were not collected or read in full text.


We identified 1331 unique references in total. Of these were 138 considered potentially relevant for prevention of injuries. We arranged the references in groups according to the situation the injury could occur. However, falls is a separate group, regardless of where or how the fall happens.

  • 50 reviews was about various types of traffic injuries
    • 21 about car
    • 4 about motorcycle
    • 11 about bicycle
    • 2 about pedestrians
    • 12 about various other types of traffic injuries
  • 8 review about injuries due to alcohol, not traffic related
  • 5 review about poisoning
  • 18 review about sport and exercise
  • 23 about fall prevention
  • 20 reviews about various other topics

About this publication

  • Year: 2012
  • By: Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services
  • Authors Holte HH, Mathisen M.
  • ISBN (digital): 978-82-8121-483-5