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MoBaRheuma - Identification of risk and protective factors (genetic and environmental factors) for the development of rheumatic disease - project description


The aim of the study is to increase the knowledge of the causes of inflammatory rheumatic disorders which enables disease prevention


We will use genotype and phenotype data from the internationally unique Norwegian Mother, Father and Child Cohort Study (MoBa) and establish case and control groups that will be analyzed along with fenotype data from rheumatological registries and data from international cohorts. We focus primarily on rheumatic diseases that occur in childhood; later rheumatic disease occurred in adulthood.

We will identify genetic and environmental factors that influence the development of rheumatic disease, how these factors interact, and find the association between such causal factors and variation in clinical disease picture and comorbidity. We will investigate rare gene variants through metrics and sequencing (but not predictive tests). Information on vulnerability factors will also be collected in the MoBa material, and compared with similar information in the disease groups. Thus, MoBaRheuma will provide new knowledge about the cause and mechanisms of rheumatic disorders.

See the full project description at Cristin for more information about results, researchers, contact information etc.

Project number

PBD 2836








The Regional Committees for Medical and Health Research Ethics (REC)- 2019/1222

Project owner/ Project manager

Oslo University Hospital

Project manager