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  1. Research findings

    Norwegian women drink least while pregnant, British women drink most

    A study among over 7000 women in 11 European countries shows the proportion of women in Europe who drink alcohol when they know they are pregnant is lowest in Norway and highest in the UK.

  2. News

    Measles outbreaks in Europe – check before travelling

    Measles outbreaks are becoming common in Europe and other parts of the world. Check which countries have outbreaks and ensure vaccination before departure, especially if you have young children.

  3. News

    Record high vaccination coverage of two-year-olds in 2016

    More children are being vaccinated and the vast majority of children and young people are taking the vaccines recommended in the Norwegian Childhood Immunisation Programme.

  4. Research findings

    Narcolepsy after swine influenza pandemic

    A study confirms that the risk of narcolepsy increased after vaccination with Pandemrix during the influenza pandemic 2009/2010. It also suggests that the narcolepsy risk increased after influenza.

  5. News

    Centre of Excellence for Fertility and Health established at NIPH

    The Research Council of Norway has awarded the status of Norwegian Centre of Excellence to the Centre for Fertility and Health.

  6. News

    Norway to host global epidemic preparedness organisation, CEPI

    The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) will host the new global Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).

  7. Research findings

    As many large breast tumours detected without mammography

    In Denmark, regions with organised mass breast cancer screening programmes did not detect less tumours over two centimetres than regions without.

  8. News

    Hepatitis B vaccine included in Childhood Immunisation Programme

    All children born after November 1st 2016 will now be offered the hepatitis B vaccine as part of the immunisation programme. The first doses will be given in February 2017.

  9. Research findings

    Cannabis abuse possible cause of psychosis

    The risk of developing psychosis is more than tripled for those who abuse cannabis, according to results from a new twin study.

  10. Research findings

    Twelve genes influence fertility

    An international research team has found twelve genes that may help determine why some people have children at an early age, while others remain childless.

  11. News

    100 million Norwegian kroner for Zika research

    The research consortium ZIKAlliance is going to receive 100 million kroners (€11.9M) from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

  12. News

    Estonia’s first mental health center for children opened

    With support from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Norway Grants, Estonia’s first mental health center for children and adolescents has now been opened.

  13. Research findings

    HIV co-infection does not cause multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

    New research shows that HIV co-infection does not specifically drive the development and transmission of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, as previously suspected.

  14. News

    Correct seat belt use saves children's lives

    9 out of 10 children are seriously or fatally injured in traffic accidents because they are incorrectly restrained or because of loose objects in cars.

  15. Research findings

    Sweetened soft drinks linked to preterm birth

    Sweetened (sugar-sweetened and artificially-sweetened) drinks may be linked to preterm birth, according to a 2012 joint study between Norwegian and Swedish researchers.

  16. Research findings

    Low birthweight gives increased risk for hearing damage in children

    The risk of both moderate and severe hearing loss among children increases with low birthweight. This suggests that the ear is not normally developed when the fetal growth is poor. The length of gestation alone does not affect hearing. This is shown by a new study from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH).

  17. Research findings

    Risk factors for anxiety and depression in pregnancy

    Low relationship satisfaction, job stress, dissatisfaction at work, maternal physical illness and alcohol problems in the past year are risk factors for maternal emotional distress in pregnancy.

  18. News

    Cosmetics can cause serious adverse effects

    Permanent hair dye gives the most serious adverse effects, yet there are also many reactions to facial and body moisturisers.

  19. Research findings

    Does probiotic food prevent pre-eclampsia?

    Pregnant women who consumed probiotic milk products equivalent to one glass per day had a lower incidence of pre-eclampsia compared with other pregnant women.

  20. News

    European Research Council grant awarded to Norwegian researcher

    The prestigious European Research Council Consolidator Grant has been awarded to Dr Frederik Frøen at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH). He will use the 2.2 million euro grant to improve health data collection in Palestine, with a view to reducing maternal and child mortality.