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  1. Research overview

    Tailored information and education for patients with immigrant or minority backgrounds: a systematic reference list

    We have conducted a literature search and provided an overview of the literature evaluating effects of tailored information and patient education for patients with immigrant or minority background.

  2. Research overview

    Effectiveness of volunteers as interlocutors in the prevention of mental health problems in youths and young adults: Systematic reference list

  3. Research overview

    Cognitive therapies for smoking cessation: a systematic review

    We evaluated the effect of cognitive therapies on smoking cessation. We included 21 randomised controlled trials.

  4. Article

    Data protection and use of cookies on www.fhi.no

    This website uses cookies primarily for traffic measurement and content optimisation.

  5. Research overview

    Research on the effects of primary- and secondary prevention interventions on parents’ use of violence in parenting: Systematic literature search with sorting

    We were commissioned to identify reviews on the effects of primary- and secondary intervention for parents’ use of violence in parenting.

  6. Article

    Where to get the HPV vaccine

    Here is an overview of where you can get the HPV vaccine. First choose your county and then your municipality.

  7. Article

    eRegistries Research Studies

    Cluster Randomized Controlled Trials

  8. Article

    Free HPV vaccine available for young women

    Almost all cases of cervical cancer are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Women born in 1991 or later are now being offered free HPV vaccination.

  9. Article

    National surveillance of HPV vaccination programme

    When the vaccine against human papillomavirus (HPV) was introduced in 2009/2010, a surveillance programme was established to monitor its efficacy, unwanted effects and vaccination coverage.

  10. Article

    Terms and conditions for use of text and illustrations

    The Norwegian Institute of Public Health Institute provides advice and assistance to governments, the health service, the judiciary, politicians, media and the public.

  11. Article


    The eRegistries Initiative utilizes research findings to inform the development and deployment of eRegistries.

  12. Article


    A list of publications, reports, presentations, and posters by the eRegistries team is provided below.

  13. Article

    Learning packages

    The eRegistries approach offers an electronic tool that collects, manages and utilizes health information that supports data-driven decision making on clinical, programmatic, and policy levels.

  14. Article

    The eRegistries Model

    The eRegistries Initiative is dedicated to increasing the availability and timely use of routine maternal and child health data to improve the quality of care and health outcomes around the world.

  15. Article

    What are eRegistries?

    An eRegistry is an organized system for collecting, managing, analyzing, and most importantly, using reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health data to improve women and children’s health.

  16. Article

    About us

    The multidisciplinary eRegistries team includes experts in maternal and child health research, implementation, technology, medicine and public health.

  17. Article

    How to find head lice

    Adult head lice crawl from one person's hair to another's hair when heads are held close together. Check hair thoroughly with a lice comb at least once a month to detect them and avoid further spread.

  18. Article

    How to treat head lice

    Head lice can be combated with delousing agents, by combing or by shaving the hair. Regular hair washing does not kill lice or eggs.

  19. Research overview

    Supported Employment for people with disabilities: a systematic review

    We conducted a systematic review on the effect of SE/IPS on various populations. We included 38 controlled studies, primarily from USA and Europe, where participants were followed-up until 5 years.

  20. Research overview

    Orthodontic treatment in children and adolescents. Systematic literature search

    We were asked to conduct a systematic reference list for orthodontic treatment.