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  1. Article

    Publications from PAGE

    The publications in the list below are based on data from PAGE.

  2. Article

    The increasing mortality advantage of the married

    Marital status is increasingly important for life expectancy. Our research investigates the reasons for this change.

  3. Research overview

    Support for housing adjustments for the elderly and adults with physical disabilities: a systematic mapping review

    A systematic mapping review of empiricial research about support provided for housing adjustments to increase the possibility amongst the elderly and physically disabled to continue living at home.

  4. Article

    Where to get the HPV vaccine

    Here is an overview of where you can get the HPV vaccine. First choose your county and then your municipality.

  5. Research overview

    Approaches to reduce welfare- and insurance fraud: A systematic mapping review

    This is a systematic mapping review to identify and describe all research about efforts to prevent and identify welfare- and insurance fraud.

  6. Research overview

    Digital interventions for couples with relationship problems: a systematic review

    We conducted a systematic review on the effects and the experiences with digital interventions for couples who do not want to attend therapy or counselling, individually or in a group.

  7. Article

    Kickoff meeting in Oslo June 27-28

    Presentations and media coverage from the kickoff meeting in Oslo.

  8. Manual

    Guidelines for investigation of outbreaks of food- and waterborne diseases

    Description of methods, procedures and responsibilities for investigation and management of outbreaks of diseases in which foods, beverages, drinking water or animals are suspected infection source.

  9. Article

    Young people will tackle obesity in new EU project

    A consortium of 14 international research and advocacy organisations meet in Oslo, Norway 27-28 June to kick off a ground-breaking project to tackle overweight and obesity in you

  10. Article

    Electronic application for access to data

    To apply for access to statistics, data or biological samples from studies or mandatory national health registries at the NIPH.

  11. Data access from health registries, health studies and biobanks

    Applying for access to data

    You can apply for data from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's health registries and health studies. Researchers can also apply for access to biological material from the biobanks.

  12. Article

    PhD and Master Theses in MoBa

    PhD and Master Theses in the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study

  13. Article


    An overview of papers published in the Centre for Fertility and Health

  14. Report

    Drug consumption statistics 2018:2 Norwegian Prescription Database 2013–2017

    The theme of this report is drug use among the elderly. It includes comprehensive information about the number of people who were dispensed drugs from pharmacies in Norway in the last five years.

  15. Research overview

    The MicraTM Transcatheter Pacing System, a leadless pacemaker, in patients indicated for single-chamber ventricular pacemaker implantation: A single technology assessment

    In this single technology assessment, we assessed a leadless pacemaker for patients indicated for single-chamber ventricular pacemaker implantation.

  16. Article

    Podcast: How children are fighting misinformation

    This BBC documentary shows how ten-year-olds can learn critical thinking and to separate fact from fallacy. It is based on a study by the Centre for Informed Health Studies.

  17. Article

    Publications from the centre

    Here is an overview of publications from the centre.

  18. Article

    About the Centre for Informed Health Choices

    The Norwegian Institute for Public Health established the Centre for Informed Health Choices to conduct research on how to make research findings more understandable and accessible for everyone.

  19. Article

    Making research more accessible

    We are developing tools to make reliable evidence easier to access, understand and use.

  20. Article

    Film: Understanding risk

    Professor David Spiegelhalter from the Winston Centre for Risk and Evidence gave a lecture about risk communication at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in January 2018.