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  1. Article

    MoBa research data files

    Version 10 of the MoBa-data file was made available to researchers in July 2017.

  2. Article

    Travel advice for pilgrims to Mecca (Hajj)

    If you intend to make the pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj), allow sufficient time for vaccination before you travel.

  3. Research overview

    Effect of residential segregation on health and quality of life: Systematic literature search with sorting

    We were commissioned to identify reviews on the effect of and experiences with residential segregation or neighborhoods characterized by material or social disadvantage.

  4. Research overview

    Patient smoking status and its impact on periodontal treatment efficacy

    Compared to non-smokers, smokers may probably show poorer post-therapeutic prognosis following periodontal treatment.

  5. Article

    The CeFH research team

    Presentation of the core research team at Centre for Fertility and Health.

  6. Research overview

    National and cross-national surveys of patient experiences: a structured review

    The purpose of this report has been to identify and summarise national and cross-national surveys of health services.

  7. Article


    Overview of permanent employees at the centre

  8. Printed report

    MoBa in Brief

    In this brochure from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study, you will find an overview of MoBa data, important research findings, statistics and contact information.

  9. Printed report

    MoBa magazine

    A popular magazine summarizing research findings from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study, with many topicsincluding autism, language development and diet in pregnancy.

  10. Report

    Interlaboratory Comparison on Dioxins in Food 2017 – Draft report

    The 18th round of the Interlaboratory comparison on the determination of PCDDs, PCDFs, dioxin-like PCBs, PBDEs and HBCD in three food items was conducted in 2017.

  11. Article

    New Reference Articles in MoBa

    The articles contain an overview and summary of MoBa-research, important statistics and other important information.

  12. Article

    Important documents for MoBa-researchers

    You will find MoBa-protocols, admission documents and guidelines for articles.

  13. Article

    MoBa Research News

    Welcome to the electronic MoBa research newsletter. It is aimed at researchers and other interested parties who are working with MoBa data and biological material.

  14. Article

    About the Norwegian Microbiota Study (NoMIC)

    The purpose of NoMIC is to learn more about gut microbiota during infancy, how it is composed, factors that affect it and how it develops through childhood.

  15. Article


    The publications list for NOMIC.

  16. Article

    Collaborating partners

    Karolinska Institute in Sweden, The Knight Lab in USA and Imperial College in England are collaborating partners in NoMIC.

  17. Article

    Countries with high occurrence of tuberculosis

    List of countries with a high occurrence of tuberculosis. People from these countries are required to undergo tests for tuberculosis.

  18. Report

    Accidents and injuries in Norway (Report 2014:2)

    Description of the epidemiology of injuries in Norway, overall and for separate sectors (transport, work, leisure, home etc.). Main focus is on accidental injuries.

  19. Research overview

    Research gaps identified in systematic reviews and health technology assessments published by the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services in 2015

    This is an annual report of the knowledge gaps that we have identified during our work with systematic reviews and health technology assessments (HTA).

  20. Fact sheet

    Suicide and suicide attempts in Norway – fact sheet

    Every year, between 500 and 600 suicides are registered in Norway.