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Indicators for non-communicable diseases connected to the national and global strategy for non-communicable diseases


The indicators for non-communicable diseases are connected to the national and global strategy for non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Specific targets have been set to reduce morbidity and mortality from these diseases by 2025.

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  1. Main points
  2. Targets and indicators for NCDs - overview

Premature mortality

  1. Premature mortality from non-communicable diseases (Indicator 1)
  2. Cancer incidence (Indicator 2)
  3. Raised blood glucose/diabetes in adults (Indicator 12)


  1. Total alcohol consumption per capita (Indicator 3)
  2. Heavy episodic drinking (Indicator 4)
  3. Alcohol dependence (Indicator 5)

Physical inactivity

  1. Physical inactivity in adolescents (Indicator 6)
  2. Physical inactivity in adults (Indicator 7)


  1. Tobacco use among adolescents (Indicator 9)
  2. Tobacco use among adults (Indicator 10)


  1. Salt intake (Indicator 8)
  2. Saturated fat (Indicator 15)
  3. Low fruit and vegetable consumption (Indicator 16)

Blood pressure

  1. Raised blood pressure (Indicator 11)
  2. Blood pressure level (Indicator 11)

Overweight and obesity

  1. Overweight and obesity in adolescents (Indicator 13)
  2. Overweight and obesity in adults (Indicator 14)


  1. Total cholesterol level (Indicator 17)
  2. Raised total cholesterol (Indicator 17)

Vaccine and screening

  1. Vaccination for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) (Indicator 22)
  2. Vaccination against hepatitis B (Indicator 24)
  3. Cervical cancer screening (Indicator 25)

National health systems - goals and indicators

  1. Drug therapy and counselling to prevent heart attacks and strokes in eligible persons (Indicator 18)
  2. Availability of essential NCD medicines and basic technologies (Indicator 19)
  3. Palliative cancer care (Indicator 20)
  4. Limit saturated fat (Indicator 21)
  5. Reduce the impact of marketing aimed at children (Indicator 23)

Data sources

  1. Data sources for NCD indicators

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