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Hans Fredrik Sunde

PhD candidate

Department: Centre for Fertility and Health
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Hans Fredrik has a master’s degree in psychology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), where he specialized on the subject learning; brain, behavior and environment. Afterwards, he stayed as a research assistant working with data analysis and miscellaneous teaching duties.

He is currently investigating the close link between mental health and social differences, which could be key for understanding how social differences are transmitted through generations. More specifically, He investigates if and to what extent parental and child mental health give rise to social differences (and vice versa) above shared genetic risk factors.  

His interests include behavior genetics, evolutionary biology, statistics, and methodological issues related to the so-called replication crisis



Telephone: +47

Mobile: +47 995 88 824

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Myrens verksted 2, 0473 Oslo

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