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Alvaro Hernaez Camba


Department: Centre for Fertility and Health
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I am a postdoc at Centre for Fertility and Health, a Centre of Excellence (SFF) founded by The Norwegian Research Council. I am also lecturer in the Blanquerna School of Life Sciences in Barcelona (Spain). In FHI, I study the causal link between cardiovascular risk and fertility problems. ​I use causal inference methodologies (e.g., triangulation between multivariable regression and Mendelian randomization) to answer this question.


?BSc in Pharmacy (University of Salamanca, Spain), MSc in Nutrition and Metabolism (University of Barcelona, Spain), PhD in Nutrition and Food Science (University of Barcelona, Spain).Before relocating to FHI, I investigated the role of healthy dietary patterns (e.g., Mediterraean diet) and physical activity on emergent cardiovascular risk factors (related to lipoprotein biology, atherothrombosis, and low-grade inflammation) and cardiovascular drug use. I developed my PhD and my previous postdoc positions in the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute and the August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute, both in Barcelona (Spain).



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Myrens verksted 2, 0473 Oslo

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