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  • Vaccination scenario


Vaccination scenario

Published Updated

When do we expect to be able to vaccinate different groups against COVID-19?

2021.08.13 Vaccination calendar.JPG

How quickly we can offer vaccines to each group is uncertain and depends on how many doses will be delivered to Norway in the coming months.

In the pdf file above, we present estimates of when the various groups can receive vaccines, with background data and conditions.

The scenarios are based on national averages, and there will be discrepancies between the various municipalities. See your own municipality's website for more information on when you can expect to be contacted for vaccination.


There is uncertainty associated with the estimates and they may change. We do not have more data to give beyond the numbers already given in the scenarios.

13.08.2021: Updated vaccination scenarios 7.00 a.m.

30.07.2021: Updated 4.20 p.m.

18.06.2021: Updated text to explain about estimates. Added box with links to municipalities. Removed picture of calendar - it is found in the pdf.

16.06.2021: Corrected error on page 9 of English version of 28.5 scenario - should read conservative scenario, not optimistic scenario.

15.06.2021: Updated vaccination scenario

28.05.2021: Updated vaccination scenario

30.04.2021: Updated vaccination scenarios

16.04.2021: Updated vaccination scenarios

30.03.2021: Updated vaccination scenarios

12.03.2021: Updated vaccination scenarios kl 15:45

24.02.2021: Updated vaccination scenarios kl 14.

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  • By: Norwegian Institute of Public Health