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  • Reviews and Health Technology Assessments


Reviews and Health Technology Assessments

The general objective of the cluster “Reviews and Health Technology Assessments” is to contribute knowledge for decisions in the healthcare- and social welfare services, by summarizing research through systematic reviews (evidence syntheses) and health technology assessments. Our deliverables provide knowledge for decision makers, thus supporting their decisions on which types of healthcare- and social welfare services should be offered. Trustworthy knowledge is the key to good services and essential for all who make decisions for and within the services.

We are the largest scientific community in Norway for evidence syntheses, that is, systematic reviews of available research, with approximately 60 employees. Our cluster conducts health technology assessments and is responsible also for other processes within The National System for Managed Introduction of New Health Technologies (“Nye metoder”). In addition, we produce systematic reviews and other types of analyses to the health- and social welfare government administrations.

When conducting systematic reviews and health technology assessments, we follow internationally recognized and transparent procedures. We offer a range of evidence syntheses, tailored to the commissioners’ needs regarding type of review, level of detail, use of resources, time of deliverable, etc.  We primarily answer questions concerning the effects of prevention-, treatment-, or rehabilitation interventions. Additionally, we summarize research on the effects of organisational interventions, public health interventions, clinical utility, the accuracy of diagnostic tests, and user experiences, and we carry out health economic evaluations. Some of our systematic reviews concern what research exists on a topic and the characteristics of that research. For some topic areas, there is a scarcity of (high quality) primary studies, thus systematic reviews can identify knowledge gaps and research needs.

The cluster for Reviews and Health Technology Assessments collaborate with numerous key actors in Norway as well as internationally. On request, we also offer support and dissemination services regarding use of knowledge, training, courses and seminars in knowledge syntheses and -brokering.

The core activities in our cluster include:

  • Systematic reviews for Norwegian healthcare- and social welfare services, many of which concern effects of treatment and other kinds of interventions
  • Full reviews, rapid reviews, and simplified health technology assessments for The National System for Managed Introduction of New Health Technologies (“Nye metoder”)
  • Management and development of the national system for notification of new health technologies in Norway
  • Management and development of the national support structure and database for hospital-based health technology assessments in Norway
  • Contributions to the European network for health technology assessments (EUnetHTA) and the International Horizon Scanning Initiative (IHSI)
  • Systematic reviews for welfare directorates outside the health sector
  • Training in knowledge syntheses and -brokering and active dissemination


Switchboard: +47 21 07 70 00

Department manager

Kåre Birger Hagen

Mobiltelefon: +47 91 85 82 01

Visiting address

Myrens verksted 3L

0473 Oslo

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Postal address

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, PO Box 222 Skøyen

N-0213 Oslo

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Photo of Kåre Birger Hagen

Kåre Birger Hagen

Director reviews and health technology assessment

M: +47 918 58 201

Photo of Anne Hilde Røsvik

Anne Hilde Røsvik

Senior Adviser

M: +47 915 49 235

Photo of Arna Sue Desser

Arna Sue Desser


Ansatt bilde

Elisabet Vivianne Hafstad

Tlf: +47

Photo of Fawaz Tariq Chaudhry

Fawaz Tariq Chaudhry

Advisor - Health Economist

M: +47 486 41 740

Photo of Gunn Eva Næss

Gunn Eva Næss

Ansatt bilde

Hans Bugge Bergsund

Senior Adviser

Photo of Heid Nøkleby

Heid Nøkleby


M: +47 976 90 437

Ansatt bilde

Hong Lien Nguyen

Ansatt bilde

Ingrid Harboe

Senior advisor/Information specialist

M: +47 916 27 852

Photo of Lars Jørun Langøien

Lars Jørun Langøien


M: +47 951 40 124

Ansatt bilde

Patricia Sofia Jacobsen Jardim

Photo of Rigmor Berg

Rigmor Berg

Department Director

M: +47 908 02 240

Ansatt bilde

Sari Susanna Ormstad

Senior Adviser

Ansatt bilde

Trine Bjerke Johansen

Ansatt bilde

Vidar Jusnes Vang

Senior Adviser

Photo of Bjarne Robberstad

Bjarne Robberstad

Senior researcher

Tlf: +47

M: +47 932 88 039

Photo of Christine Hillestad Hestevik

Christine Hillestad Hestevik

M: +47 977 74 803

Photo of Chui Hsia Yong

Chui Hsia Yong

Communications and Publications Manager

M: +47 464 00 429

Photo of Finn Runar Eggen

Finn Runar Eggen

Senior Adviser

M: +47 464 00 467

Ansatt bilde

Hanna Eikås Klem

Photo of Hege Kornør

Hege Kornør

Department Director

M: +47 412 25 577

Ansatt bilde

Jan Marcus Sverre

Photo of Jon-Vidar Gaustad

Jon-Vidar Gaustad

M: +47 970 76 609

Photo of Linn Kleven

Linn Kleven

Ansatt bilde

Liv Giske

Senior researcher

Photo of Maria Julia Bidonde Torre

Maria Julia Bidonde Torre

Photo of Martin Smådal Larsen

Martin Smådal Larsen

M: +47 473 78 182

Photo of Severin Zinöcker

Severin Zinöcker

Senior Adviser

Photo of Alexander Wahl

Alexander Wahl

"Editor primary care, Norwegian Electronic Health

Photo of Anna Lien Espeland

Anna Lien Espeland

Senior Advisor - Health Economist

M: +47

Ansatt bilde

Gunn Elisabeth Vist

Photo of Heather Melanie R Ames

Heather Melanie R Ames

Senior researcher

Ansatt bilde

Hilde Risstad

Photo of Ida Kristin Ørjasæter Elvsaas

Ida Kristin Ørjasæter Elvsaas

Educational leave

M: +47 934 29 562

Ansatt bilde

Ingeborg Beate Lidal

Ansatt bilde

Ingrid Kristine Ohm


Ansatt bilde

Jose Francisco Meneses Echavez


M: +47 486 89 405

Photo of Lillebeth Larun

Lillebeth Larun

Researcher/Associate Professor

Ansatt bilde

Marit Erna Austeng

M: +47 917 40 442

Photo of Martin Robert Lerner

Martin Robert Lerner

Department Director

M: +47

Ansatt bilde

Signe Louise Forsetlund

Ansatt bilde

Tonje Lehne Refsdal

Adviser / Research librarian

Tlf: +47

Photo of Vida Hamidi Ashtiani

Vida Hamidi Ashtiani

Senior researcher

Photo of Alexandra Herborg Cornelius Poulsson

Alexandra Herborg Cornelius Poulsson

Senior advisor

M: +47 908 04 280

Ansatt bilde

Anna Karina Stoinska-Schneider

Ansatt bilde

Beate Charlotte Fagerlund Kvist

Researcher Health economist

Photo of Espen Movik

Espen Movik

Senior Adviser

M: +47 464 00 485

Photo of Eva Helene Arentz-Hansen

Eva Helene Arentz-Hansen

Senior researcher

Photo of Geir Smedslund

Geir Smedslund

Senior researcher

M: +47 913 87 076

Ansatt bilde

Gerd Monika Flodgren

Senion Researcher

M: +47 464 00 489

Ansatt bilde

Gunhild Hagen

Ansatt bilde

Gyri Hval

Photo of Ingvild Kirkehei

Ingvild Kirkehei

Research librarian

M: +47

Ansatt bilde

Jan Peter William Himmels

Senior advisor

Ansatt bilde

Kjetil Gundro Brurberg

Department Director

M: +47 916 19 280

Photo of Maria Bjerk

Maria Bjerk


M: +47 416 46 900

Ansatt bilde

Øyvind Melien

Photo of Tiril Cecilie Borge

Tiril Cecilie Borge


Photo of Vigdis Underland

Vigdis Underland