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The Collaboration Continues

  • Forfattere: Stein Andersen, Vibeke Gundersen, Elena Torgersen, Egil Bjørløw and Andrei Tulisov.
  • ISSN TRYKT: 1503-1403
  • ISSN ELEKTRONISK: 82-8082-081-7
  • ISBN TRYKT: 82-8082-080-9
  • ISBN ELEKTRONISK: 82-8082-081-7

The Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at the NIPH started its collaboration with the Baltic countries and Russia in 1998. The objectives of this collaboration are in line with official Norwegian and Nordic health policy in the adjacent areas; develop the network of surveillance centres, strengthen surveillance and control of infectious diseases, and exchange knowledge. This report describes our activities in the different countries and regions of Northern Europe during 2003.

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