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  1. Project

    The use of snus among the young – does it immunize them against smoking or escalate the risk of starting to smoke?

    The project will investigate the connections between snus consumption and taking up smoking at a later date.

  2. Project

    Use of e-cigarette in Norway. Exploring the culture and use of e-cigarettes in an Norwegian context

    The main objective for this PhD-project is to explore the evolving vaper culture and use of e-cigarettes in Norway.

  3. Project

    Does use of snus in adolescence influence the risk of smoking in young adulthood? A longitudinal study of tobacco use in young people.

    This project will investigate changes and directions in tobacco use and factors associated with reduction or escalation of smoking and snus use between adolescence and adulthood.

  4. Project

    Smoking during pregnancy from 1999 to 2014. Analyses on data quality and socio-demographic trends.

    The study aims to evaluate the data quality of smoking habits over time and to describe national and regional trends in smoking prevalence in all pregnant women in Norway since 1999.

  5. Project

    Prevalence and characteristics of occasional smokers

    Is intermittent smoking a stable behaviour, is it a risk factor for nicotine dependence? Determine relative importance of factors for predisposibility of becoming occasional smokers.

  6. Project

    Preventive tobacco measures – support, legitimacy and user perspectives

    In this project we will attempt to map the support for and opposition to some of the current steps to tighten the laws.

  7. Project

    Monitoring tobacco habits and consumption

    Monitoring the smoking habits of the population on a yearly basis using detailed information obtained by the Directorate of Health's tobacco surveys which began in 1973.

  8. Project

    Tobacco, drink and drugs on the big screen

    The project explores changing depictions in the most popular feature films produced in Norway since the Second World War of tobacco and drunkenness.