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  1. Systematic review

    Employment-oriented mentoring programmes for vulnerable populations: a systematic review

    This is a a systematic review on the effect of employment-oriented mentoring programmes for vulnerable populations on employment-related outcomes.

  2. Systematic review

    Effect of health equity tools for immigrants: a systematic review

    A systematic review was commissioned to examine whether system-level healthcare interventions, specifically health equity tools, can improve health equity for immigrants.

  3. Research overview

    The Foyer model for homeless youth: a systematic mapping review

    We were commissioned to map out all evidence on the Foyer model, a package of accommodation and integrated support for young people in the transition to independent living and adulthood.

  4. Systematic reference list

    Effect of residential segregation on health and quality of life: Systematic literature search with sorting

    We were commissioned to identify reviews on the effect of and experiences with residential segregation or neighbourhoods characterized by material or social disadvantage.

  5. Systematic reference list

    Tailored information and education for patients with immigrant or minority backgrounds: a systematic reference list

    We have conducted a literature search and provided an overview of the literature evaluating effects of tailored information and patient education for patients with immigrant or minority background.

  6. Research overview

    Effectiveness of interventions to reduce homelessness. A systematic review

    On the effectiveness of housing programs and case management to improve housing stability and reduce homelessness among people who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless.

  7. Research overview

    Language skills and country knowledge as requirements for citizenship

    A systematic reference list.

  8. Research overview

    Effects of interventions in residential areas and neighbourhoods to promote social contact, social networks and social support

    It is uncertain whether, and to what extent, interventions in residential areas and neighbourhoods contribute to increased social contact, social networks and social support.

  9. Research overview

    The effect of interventions for at-risk families with children 0-6 years

    This report is an overview of systematic reviews that have examined the effects of interventions for at-risk families with children aged 0-6 years.

  10. Report

    Voter mobilization among immigrants

    The commission for this report  was to identify research published 2000-2015 on effects of different types of interventions on an individual level to mobilize for voting.

  11. Report

    Health effects of employment

    Systematic literature search with a subsequent categorization of relevant research.

  12. Systematic review

    Effect of active labor market programs for immigrants

    Wage subsidies and direct employment programmes possibly increase the probability of employment compared to no programme for unemployed immigrants.

  13. Research overview

    Effect of adapted interventions for primary child health care services

    This report is an overview of systematic reviews on the effects of adapted interventions for families with low socioeconomic status, ethnic minority families and teenage mothers.

  14. Health technology assessment

    Age estimations of adolescent refugees

  15. Research overview

    Effect of smoking cessation interventions in groups with low socio-economic status

  16. Health technology assessment

    Ethical challenges with implementing prophylactic vaccines against human papilloma virus (HPV)

  17. Report

    Health profile of children and youth in Akershus county - Report on young people

    This health profile of adolescents in Akershus County in Norway in 2002 tells us much about how young people in Akershus understand their own lives and health.

  18. Research overview

    Social inequalities in health, life style and use of health services among children in Akershus County.

  19. Report

    Health profile for children and young people in Akershus county - Report on children