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  1. Project

    Accuracy of open-ended questions in teachers’ structured conversations with children to uncover abuse, neglect or psychosocial problems

    On the accuracy of open-ended questions in structured conversations between children and daycare and school employees.

  2. Project

    Health personnels communication of children’s weight status: What is effective and what are the childrens and parents’ experiences and preferences? A mixed methods systematic review

    We were commissioned to conduct a mixed methods systematic review of empirical research about communication of children’s underweight, overweight or obese status to children and their parents.

  3. Project

    Health Technology Assessment of medicines used for multiple sclerosis

    The present Health Technology Assessment (HTA) have added two new medicines for the indication and removed a group of medicines (interferons) due to low priority use.

  4. Project

    Tapering for pregnant women in opioid maintenance treatment (OMT)

    Norwegian Institute of Public Health has been commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate of Health to carry out a systematic review of effects of methadone or buprenorphine tapering during pregnancy.

  5. Project

    Treatments for exposure to and perpetration of violence and sexual abuse - project plan

    We shall, on behalf of the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, map overviews of the effects of treatment for suspects and practitioners of violence and sexual assault.

  6. Project

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for osteonecrosis - project plan

    The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has been commissioned to assess the effects, safety and cost-effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for osteonecrosis.

  7. Project

    Effect of preventive use of support stockings for elderly with venous insufficiency and swollen legs: a systematic overview

    We will summarize randomized controlled studies that investigate the effect of preventive use of support stockings for elderly with venous insufficiency and / or tendency to swelling of the legs.

  8. Project

    Prehospital CT in acute stroke or head injury

    We will compare the effectiveness and safety of prehospital CT and subsequent treatment with current practice of diagnosis and treatment carried out after arrival in the hospital

  9. Project

    Preventive interventions for persons with mental illnesses

    We were asked to conduct a systematic review on the effect of preventive interventions targeting lifestyle habits for persons with mental illnesses.

  10. Project

    Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) in patients at intermediate surgical risk

    Our commission was to assess the effectiveness, safety and economic consequences of broadening the indication for TAVI to encompass patients with severe aortic stenosis and intermediate operative risk

  11. Project

    Methodological issues in economic evaluations

    The aim of this project is to contribute with updated knowledge on relevant methodological developments within the field of economic evaluations and the use of alternative methods in applied studies.

  12. Project

    TRANSFER framework

    Decision makers are increasingly using evidence from systematic reviews to inform decisions and recommendations.

  13. Project

    Effects of tailored information and patient education for patients with immigrant or minority background

    The aim of this report is to conduct a review of systematic reviews evaluating effects of tailored information and patient education for patients with immigrant or minority background.

  14. Project

    Educational meetings and workshops: effects on professional practice and health care outcomes (project description)

  15. Project

    Health technology assessment of influenza vaccination of children (project description)

    This project aims to assess the clinical effect and cost-effectiveness of influenza vaccination of chronically ill and healthy children.

  16. Project

    The dissemination project: “Briefly summarised” (project description)

  17. Project

    Clinical procedures (project description)

    The Knowledge Centre coordinates the National Network for clinical procedures.

  18. Project

    Mini-HTA (project description)

    A mini-HTA evaluates the effectiveness, safety, and costs as well as ethical and organizational consequences of the new technology.

  19. Project

    National System for the introduction of new technologies within the specialist health service (project description)

  20. Project

    MedNytt – early awareness of new health technologies

    MedNytt is a webpage for publication of short alerts on new and emerging health technologies.