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  1. Research overview

    The effectiveness of physical exercise for people with cancer

    We have summarised the results from five systematic reviews, on the effects of exercise for cancer patients during and after cancer treatment, including a total of 119 randomised clinical trials.

  2. Research overview

    Cognitive therapies for increasing physical activity

    We evaluated the effect of cognitive therapies on physical activity summarizing studies involving different patient groups and persons at risk of heart disease.

  3. Research overview

    Effects of campaigns and other communication initiatives on physical activity with one or more other lifestyle habits targeting the general population

    This review looks at the effects of information and other communication initiatives on physical activity and on changes in one or more other lifestyle habit.

  4. Research overview

    Effects of more than three months organized follow-up on physical activity and diet for people with increased risk of lifestyle related disease

    This systematic review will answer questions about effects of organized follow-up to promote change of physical activity and diet.

  5. Research overview

    The effectiveness of health promotion and preventive interventions on nutrition, physical activity, obesity, and sexual health in children and adolescents

    The prevention of poor health habits among children and adolescents has the potential to create improved health throughout the life span.

  6. Research overview

    Effects of interventions outside the health services for increased physical activity among adults

    Background Physical inactivity is associated with a number of diseases, e.g. cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, type-2-diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis.