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  1. Article

    Norwegian Prescription Database

    NorPD contains a complete listing of all prescription drugs dispensed by pharmacies in Norway since 2004.

  2. Statistics

    arkiv - Pharmaceutical use in Norwegian fish farming in 2001-2008

    The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has published an overview of sales of various drugs used in fish breeding in Norway from 2001-2008. The sales are shown in kilograms of active ingredient; ant

  3. Statistics

    Increased use of medicines in Norwegian fish farming

    The increase in sales of agents to treat sea lice infestations continued in 2013. However, sales of antibacterials showed a reduction compared to the previous year. Sales of anthelmintics showed a sl

  4. Fact sheet

    Drug Consumption in Norway

    People over 70 years of age consume the most medicines. Women use more drugs than men. Most prescriptions are for antibiotics and pain relief.

  5. Article

    WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology

    The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system and the Defined Daily Dose (DDD) as a measuring unit have become the gold standard for international drug utilisation research.

  6. Article

    Wholesaler-based drug statistics

    Wholesaler-based drug statistics cover all sales of drugs from wholesalers to pharmacies, hospitals/nursing homes and non-pharmacy outlets with permission to sell drugs.

  7. Article

    Publications based on data from Norwegian Prescription Database

    List of publications based on data from the Norwegian Prescription Database (NorPD) as of 2014.