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Publication list from TOPP study

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Overview of articles from the TOPP study


Overview of articles from the TOPP study

Peer-reviewed publications

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Kjeldsen, A., Stoolmiller, M., Toumbourou, J.W., & Nilsen, W. (2018).  Childhood Problem Behaviours as Precursors of Drinking to Intoxication Trajectories  – From Age 1.5 to 19. Psychology & Health, accepted for publication. 

Østby, K. A., Mykletun, A., & Nilsen, W. (2018). Explaining the gender gap in sickness absence. Occupational Medicine. Online first. https://doi.org/10.1093/occmed/kqy062

Morken, I. S., Røysamb, E., Nilsen, W., & Karevold, E.B. (2018). Body dissatisfaction and depressive symptoms at the threshold to adolescence – examining the gender difference in depressive symptoms and the impact of social support. The Journal of Early Adolescence. (Provisionally accepted April 2018).

Nilsen, W., Karevold, E.B., Kaasbøl, J., Kjeldsen, A. (2018). Nuancing the role of social skills– A longitudinal study of early maternal psychological distress and adolescent depressive symptoms. BMC Pediatrics, 18:133. Doi: 10.1186/s12887-018-1100-4.

Ystrøm, H., Nilsen, W., Hysing, M., Sivertsen, B., & Ystrøm, E. (2017). Sleep problems in preschoolers and maternal depressive symptoms: An evaluation of mother- and child-driven effects. Developmental Psychology. 53(12), 2261-2272, http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/dev0000402 

Fjermestad, K., Nilsen, W., Johannessen, T.J., & Karevold, E.B. (2017). Mothers' and fathers' internalizing symptoms influence parental report of adolescent anxiety symptoms. Journal of Family Psychology, 31(7), 939-944, http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/fam0000322 

Nilsen, W., Kjeldsen, A., Karevold, E.B., Skipstein, A., Helland, M., Gustavson, K., Enstad, F., Baardstu, S., Røysamb, E., von Soest, T., & Mathiesen, K.S. (2017). Cohort Profile: The Tracking Opportunities and Problems Study (TOPP) – A study of Norwegian children and their parents followed from infancy to adulthood. International Journal of Epidemiology. Doi: 10.1093/ije/dyx057

Fjermestad, K., Nilsen, W., Johannessen, T.J., & Karevold, E.B. (2017). Mothers' and fathers' internalizing symptoms influence parental report of adolescent anxiety symptoms. Journal of Family Psychology. doi: 10.1037/fam0000322  

Enstad, F., Pedersen, W., Nilsen, W., & von Soest, T. (2017). Predicting early onset of intoxication and drinking - A population-based prospective study of Norwegian adolescents. Addictive Behaviors Reports [Accepted]. 

Helland, M. S.; Kjeldsen, A.; von Soest, T.; Røysamb, E.; Gustavson, K. & Nilsen, W. (2017). Parental child-rearing conflicts through adolescence: Trajectories and associations with child characteristics and externalizing patterns. Journal of Research on Adolescence.  ISSN 1050-8392. doi: 10.1111/jora.12302

Baardstu, S., Karevold, E.B., von Soest, T. (2016). Childhood antecedents of agreeableness: A longitudinal study from preschool to late adolescence. Journal of Research in Personality, 67, 202-214. Doi: 10.1016/j.jrp.2016.10.007

Nilsen, W., Skipstein, A., & Demerouti, E. (2016). Adverse trajectories of mental health problems predict subsequent burnout and work-family conflict - a longitudinal study of employed women with children followed over 18 years, BMC Psychiatry. 16, 384. DOI 10.1186/s12888-016-1110-4 

Nilsen, W., Dion, J., Karevold, E. B., & Skipstein, A., (2016). Maternal Psychological Distress and Offspring Psychological Adjustment in Emerging Adulthood: Findings from Over 18 Years. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. 37(9):746-752

Kjeldsen A, Nilsen W, Gustavson K, Skipstein A, Melkevik O and Karevold EB. (2016) Predicting Well-Being and Internalizing Symptoms in Late Adolescence From Trajectories of Externalizing Behavior Starting in Infancy. Journal of Research on Adolescence 26(4), 991-1008, doi: 10.1111/jora.12252. Published online: 22 JAN 2016

Gustavson, K., Røysamb, E., Borren, I., Torvik, F., & Karevold, E. (2015). Life Satisfaction in Close Relationships: Findings from a Longitudinal Study. Journal of Happiness Studies, 1-19. doi:10.1007/s10902-015-9643-7.

Kjeldsen, A., Janson, H., Stoolmiller, M., Torgersen. L. & Mathiesen, K.S. (2014). Externalising behaviour from infancy to mid-adolescence: Latent profiles and early predictors. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 35, 1, 25-34

Gustavson, K., Nilsen W.,Ørstavik R., & Røysamb E., (2014). Relationship quality, divorce, and well-being: findings from a three-year longitudinal population-based study, Journal of Positive Psychology, 9(2), s 163- 174

Helland MS, von Soest T., Gustavson K., Røysamb E. and Mathiesen KS. (2014) Long shadows: a prospective study of predictors of relationship dissolution over 17 child-rearing years.  BMC Psychology 2:40

Hafstad, G. S., Abebe, D. S., Torgersen, L., & von Soest, T. (2013). Picky eating in preschool children: The predictive role of the child's temperament and mother's negative affectivity. Eating Behaviors, 14, 274-277

Hafstad, G., von Soest T., & Torgersen, L. (2013). Early childhood precursors for eating problems in adolescence: a 15-year longitudinal community study. Journal of Eating Disorders, 1:35

Nilsen, W., Gustavson, K., Kjeldsen, A., Røysamb, E., & Karevold, E. (2013). Pathways from maternal distress and child problem behavior to adolescent depressive symptoms – A prospective examination from 18 months to 17 years of age. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, 35(5), 303-313

Moylan, S., Gustavson, K., Karevold, E., Øverland, S., Jacka, F.N., et al. (2013). The Impact of Smoking in Adolescence on Early Adult Anxiety Symptoms and the Relationship between Infant Vulnerability Factors for Anxiety and Early Adult Anxiety Symptoms: The TOPP Study. PLoS ONE 8(5)

Nilsen, W., Karevold, E., Røysamb, E., & Mathiesen, K.S. (2013). Social skills and depressive symptoms across adolescence: Social support as a mediator in girls versus boys. Journal of Adolescence, 36, 1, 11-20

Gustavson, K., Røysamb, E., von Soest, T., Helland, M. J., Karevold, E., & Mathiesen, K.S. (2012). Reciprocal longitudinal associations between depressive symptoms and romantic partners’ synchronized view of relationship quality. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 29, 776-794

Gustavson, K., Røysamb, E., von Soest, T., Helland, M. J., & Mathiesen, K. S. (2012). Longitudinal associations between relationship problems, divorce, and life satisfaction: Findings from a 15-year population-based study. The Journal of Positive Psychology 7, 188-197

Gustavson, K., von Soest, T., Karevold, E., & Røysamb, E. (2012). Attrition and generalizability in longitudinal studies: Findings from a 15-year population-based study and a Monte Carlo simulation study. BMC Public health 12:918

Karevold, E., Ystrom, E., Coplan, R., Sanson, A., & Mathiesen, K.S. (2012). A Prospective Longitudinal Study of Shyness from Infancy to Adolescence: Stability, Change, and Prediction of Socio-Emotional Functioning. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology. Online First™

Skipstein, A., Janson, H., Kjeldsen, A., Nilsen, W., & Mathiesen, K.S. (2012). Trajectories of maternal symptoms of depression and anxiety over 13 years: the influence of stress, social support, and maternal temperament. BMC Public Health. 12:1120. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-12-1120

Karevold, E., Coplan, R,. Stoolmiller, M., & Mathiesen, K.S. (2011). A Longitudinal Study of the Links between Temperamental Shyness, Activity, and Trajectories of Internalising Problems from Infancy to Middle Childhood. Australian Journal of Psychology, 63, 36-43

Nilsen, W., Olsson, C. A., Karevold, E., O'Loughlin, C., McKenzie, M., & Patton, G.C. (2011). Associations of adolescent depressive symptoms with subsequent pregnancy completion and termination in young adulthood: Findings from the Victorian Adolescent Health Cohort Study. Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology. 25, 1, 6-11

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Student publications

Morken, I. S. (2016). Depressive symptomer hos 12-13 åringer. Negativt kroppsbilde og sosial støtte fra venner og fra foreldre.  Hovedoppgave, Psykologisk Institutt, Universitetet i Oslo. 

Olaussen, H. E. (2015). Innvirkningen av ulike typer mobbing og ulike kilder til sosial støtte på depresjons- og angstsymptomer hos norske 12-13-åringer. Krysseksjonelle sammenhenger og kjønnsforskjeller studert i et populasjonsutvalg. Hovedoppgave, Psykologisk Institutt, Universitetet i Oslo. 

Løchen, K. G. (2015). Depressive symptoms in fathers and their adolescent offspring: Findings from a multi-informant two-wave study. Cand.Psychol thesis, Department of Psychology, University of Oslo.

Gebhardt, M. (2012). Tilfredshet med livet, eget utseende og depresjon blant 14-15 åringer. Oslo: Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo

Martinsen, T. B., & Lindholt, P. C. (2012). Sammenhengen mellom personlighetstrekk og spiseproblemer : En tverrsnittstudie av norsk ungdom. Oslo: Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo

Nyquist, G. J., & Rasch-Olsen, I. S. (2011) Depresjonssymptomer hos ungdom: Sosial kompetanse - en beskyttelsesfaktor for ungdom som vokser opp i hjem med multippel risiko? Oslo: Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo

Lund, L. R. (2011) Psykisk helse, belastninger og sosial støtte : en kvantitativ studie av en ungdomspopulasjon. Oslo: Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo

Books and reports

Kristin S. Mathiesen, Ann V. Sanson, and Evalill B. Karevold (eds). Tracking Opportunities and Problems from Infancy to Adulthood. 20 Years With the TOPP Study. Göttingen, Germany, Hogrefe Publishing.  

Mathiesen, K., & Janson, H. (2010). Temperamentsprofiler i barnealderen: Utvikling og sammenhenger med problematferd. I V. Moe, K. Slinning & M. B. Hansen (Red.), Håndbok i sped- og småbarns psykiske helse (s. 248-268). Oslo: Gyldendal Akademisk.

Helland, M. J., & Mathiesen, K. S. (2009).13-15 åringer fra vanlige familier i Norge - hverdagsliv og psykisk helse. Rapport 2009:1, Nasjonalt folkehelseinstitutt, Oslo

Mathiesen, K. S (2007). Utviklingsveier til god sosial fungering under belastende levekår. I A. I. Borge (Redaktør), Resiliens i praksis. Teori og resultater fra norske studier. Oslo: Gyldendal

Mathiesen, K. S., Kjeldsen, A., Skipstein, A., Karevold, E., Torgersen, L., & Helgeland, H. (2007). Trivsel og oppvekst – barndom og ungdomstid. Rapport 2007:5, Nasjonalt folkehelseinstitutt, Oslo

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Sætre, R. H., Mathiesen, K.S. og Nærde, A. (1996). Barnefamilien - trivsel og levekår. Helsestasjonens rolle i kommunens forebyggende arbeid for barn, Kommuneforlaget AS, Oslo

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Mass Media

Nilsen, W & Kjeldsen, A. Barn må få tidlig hjelp. Kronikk på NRK Ytring 19.07.2017 

Kjeldsen, A. (2016). Den risikable ungdomsfylla – de lange linjene fra barneårene. Commentary article in Forebygging.no. http://forebygging.no/Kronikker/--2015/Den-risikable-ungdomsfylla---de-lange-linjene-fra-barnearene/.