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Due to holidays in the secretatriat from 15 June to 14 August 2020 incoming applications will not be processed during the period. For other inquieries the response time will be longer.

For participants with questions about the cohort or participation


For general enquiries about the cohort


For researchers who require access to data and biological material



Anita Haugan (executive officer)

Maria Aamelfot (executive officer)


For other enquiries


Principal investigator

Per Magnus

Administrative leader

Gun Peggy Knudsen

Communications officer

Rebecca Bruu Carver


Jostein Greve

Data protection officer

Erlend Bakken


MoBa Steering Committee (januar 2019)

Ragnhild Brandlistuen, Psykolog, PhD

Pål Suren lege, PhD, Master of Public Health

Anne Lise Brantsæter, Ernæringsfysiolog, PhD

Børge Sivertsen, Psykolog, PhD

Øyvind Helgeland Lege, PhD

Helga Ask, Psykolog, PhD

Petur Juliusson Lege, PhD, Professor

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