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Contact information

For participants with questions about the cohort or participation and general enquiries

Please send an e-mail to morfarbarn@fhi.no 

For researchers

  • For inquiries about application processing, send e-mail to mobaadm@fhi.no
  • For inquiries about disclosure of data, send e-mail to morbarndata@fhi.no
  • For inquiries about application for access to data and/or biological material, visit www.helsedata.no

MoBa Steering Committee (januar 2019)

  • Ragnhild Brandlistuen, Psykolog, PhD
  • Pål Suren lege, PhD, Master of Public Health
  • Anne Lise Brantsæter, Ernæringsfysiolog, PhD
  • Børge Sivertsen, Psykolog, PhD
  • Øyvind Helgeland Lege, PhD
  • Helga Ask, Psykolog, PhD
  • Petur Juliusson Lege, PhD, Professor