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  • New collection of data and/or biological material in MoBa


New collection of data and/or biological material in MoBa

Here is information on how to apply for a project that will collect data and / or biological material from participants in MoBa and what requirements are made.

Here is information on how to apply for a project that will collect data and / or biological material from participants in MoBa and what requirements are made.

Important information for applicants: There is significant delays in collection of new data from MoBa's participants at the moment. Researchers planning to apply for new collection of data from participants in MoBa are asked to contact MoBa's Scientific director, , before submitting the application.

Some research projects have been granted permission to collect new data from MoBa's participants, either from all participants or from some selected groups. Here is information for you who want to apply to collect data and / or biological material from MoBa's participants in a research project.

When should the project contact MoBa?

If you want to contact the participants in MoBa to collect data or biological material, you should contact the MoBa administration early during the planning phase.

Data collection includes questionnaires, interviews, clinical examinations, X-rays / CT / MRI and other contact with the participants, for example for conducting cognitive tests.

MoBa wants early dialogue to be able to provide advice and guidance before the application for implementation of the project is sent to MoBa for processing. Contact MoBa admin at .  

The following must be in place before contacting MoBa:   

  • Outline of ideas that describes the academic background for the questions to be answered
  • Description of the practical implementation of the data collection: What is to be collected and who is the recruitment population?
  • Strength calculations and estimates of the number of participants required to complete the project
  • Plan for financing the collection and the project 

Even if MoBa is involved in the planning phase, it is only when we receive a complete application, including the necessary approvals and documentation, that MoBa makes a final decision on whether the research project is approved or not. Therein lies a decision on whether the research project can contact MoBa's participants. 

Application and approval

After dialogue with MoBa adm, the application for own data collection must be sent via helsedata.no.

Information about the application form, PI's responsibilities and general terms and conditions for all projects applying for access to MoBa can be found here. MoBa recommends that researchers submit applications well in advance of the planned start-up of the project.

Once the application has been received by MoBa, it goes through a formal approval process that includes professional assessment of the project.

MoBa can reject applications even if these have funding and are ethically approved by REK.

Applications for own collection of data and / or biological material are assessed in relation to other ongoing projects as well as MoBa's own collections.

The total load for the participants is assessed. MoBa wants to avoid exhaustion of the participants in order to reduce the risk of them withdrawing their consent to further participation in MoBa.

Special conditions

MoBa sets special conditions for projects that want to contact MoBa's participants to carry out their own collections of data and / or biological material.

  • The project must design consent letters and information letters to the participants. This must be approved by MoBa before it can be sent out to the participants.
  • All costs associated with data collection must be covered by the project itself.
  • Collected data (and any biological material) must be returned to MoBa so that this can be made available for other research projects.

Contact information

Case manager in MoBa ():

  • General questions about the use of MoBa for research
  • Wants to discuss the possibility of a research project
  • Commercial actors

Data manager in MoBa ():

  • Questions related to what data and variables are available in MoBa
  • Questions about linkage to other data sources

Biobank ():

  • Questions about available sample material