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Public health in Europe towards 2020 – Health 2020

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Health 2020 is the European framework and strategy for public health and well-being towards 2020.

The framework has evolved through a collective collaboration between all member states in the European region of the WHO, and was adopted by the WHO Regional Committee for Europe in September 2012.

Health 2020 has two strategic objectives and is based on four priority areas for policy action:

 Strategic objectives 

  • Improving health for all and reducing health inequalities 
  • Improving leadership and participatory governance for health

Priority areas for policy action 

  • Invest in health through a life-course approach and empower people 
  • Tackle Europe’s major health challenges of noncommunicable and communicable diseases 
  • Strengthen people-centred health systems, public health capacity and emergency preparedness, surveillance and response 
  • Create supportive environments and resilient communities

The European framework for public health complies with several of the principles central to Norwegian health policy, such as improved health for all, a reduction in health inequity and increased focus on prevention.

  • Health 2020 – the European policy for health and well-being