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What are eRegistries?

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An eRegistry is an organised system for collecting, managing, analysing, and most importantly, using reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health data to improve women and children’s health.


An eRegistry is more than just collecting health data on computers and mobile phones; more than just a database of health information; and more than just a filing cabinet of medical records. An eRegistry ensures that critical data is always available to the person who needs it, when they need it.

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We believe that better use of health information results in better decisions and, ultimately, in better health. 

eRegistries are strategically designed to facilitate data use – through accurate and easily available clinical decision support for health care providers, personalised messages to pregnant women and automated analysis and reporting to public health officials. These built-in features ensure timely use of data by all those who need it.

What does that mean for healthcare providers?

  • Easy access to medical records across the entire spectrum of care
  • Access to medical records across all levels of health care facilities
  • Clinical guideline support to improve decision making
  • Data capture at the point of care to reduce duplicate reporting

What does that mean for public health officials and policy makers?

  • Automated processing and analysis
  • Consistent and timely receipt of reports
  • Improved data quality and integrity
  • Actionable and standardised health indicators

What does that mean for clients?

  • Appointment reminders
  • Personalised health messages during and after pregnancy
  • Confidence that their medical history is accessible by health care providers as needed